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Top Rated Handheld Massagers On Amazon


    From an extensive gym session to an awkward sleeping position and even stress from monotonous work life, many activities can leave one with tight and sore muscles, backaches, stiff shoulders, and many more body pain issues. Having a heavy upper back from shoulders to the neck is a prevalent issue among folks, with nothing, in particular, they do to relieve it. 

    Since scheduling regular sessions with a professional chiropractor or a massage therapist is barely manageable for most, investing a little in handheld massagers is the best and quickest way to relieve muscle stress. Although there are many pain relief and relaxation tools such as the neck, foot, and back massagers available in the market, they lack the versatility provided by handheld massagers, making your investment worthwhile, resourceful, and handy. A good handheld massager can give you deep tissue relief with the simplest of operating and usage techniques.

    However, choosing a functional, high-quality, preferably quiet, handy, and customizable massager at cost-effective rates is not easy. Below are the top seven rated handheld massagers you must consider buying right off of amazon.

    Mighty Bliss Deep Tissue Back and Body Massager

    This powerful deep tissue massager by Mighty Bliss is one of the best-rated on Amazon compared to other massagers in its league. Working efficiently on knotty muscles, back pains, and spasm relief, the massager features a powerful 3700 RPM percussion motor that helps increase blood circulation and relax muscles in seconds. 

    Apart from the brilliant pulse it offers, the massager ranks equally well in the design and ease of use section. The slim and lightweight design accompanied by six different massaging heads makes for a perfect versatile tool. Moreover, a lifetime free replacement makes the buying experience practically and economically efficient. Powerful enough for professional use, this bliss massager is cordless and comes with a mighty lithium-ion rechargeable battery primarily used in electric cars. The super fast-charging battery can last up to 120 minutes of continuous use in just a single charge so that you could carry it anywhere, home or office, and relieve sore muscles within seconds hassle-free.

    HoMedics Percussion Action Massager with Heat

    Heat therapy works well in pain relief cases, whether it’s tightened tissues or sore muscles. Now combine that heat therapy with a powerful massage session; it’s precisely what this percussion action massager by Homedics offers.

    Weighing less than 2.5lbs with equally lightweight and small interchangeable massage heads, this is the best travel buddy you could ask for during long strenuous trips. The optional heating feature is what sets the massagers apart from the rest. The deep kneading nodes combined with the heat penetrate the tightest muscles and knots to relieve pain and soothe, mimicking exactly how a professional massage therapy session would feel.  

    The dual pivoting massage heads come with four different massaging intensities operating up to 3100 pulses/minute. Therefore by simply pressing the power button, one could set the desired intensity to fit the massage requirements from gentle to vigorous and deep tissue. Similarly, the interchangeable massage nodes offer a softer to firmer massage, while percussion nodes that move up and down help deliver a professional massage experience.  

    Renpho Rechargeable Handheld Deep Massager

    Being one of the most versatile on the list, the Renpho handheld massagers come with nodes to cover all the areas of your body. The most intriguing features of the massagers include a 3600 pulse powerful motor for deep tissue massage, a long-lasting lithium-ion battery, a simple control panel with only four buttons, and an elegant and convenient built. 

    The massager is cordless with a built-in battery that lasts up to 140 minutes with a single charge, making it a handy and manageable tool wherever. Equipped with five interchangeable heads, an ergonomic handle design, high-quality ABS plastic built makes it an ideal massager for hard-to-reach areas and typical body ache issues. 

    Sportneer Percussion Massage Gun

    Nobody wants a massager making sounds and typically telling everyone that you have a sore back, especially in offices. This Sportneer massage gun is known for the quality built and the noise reduction technology it uses, making it one of the quietest (35-45 decibels) on the list. 

    This muscle massage gun features a high-quality 3400mAh lithium battery that can work up to six hours after a full charge. Additionally, the ten-minute auto-off feature adds to both the device’s safety and the area of use. 

    The high torque brushless motor and dual bearing structure of the Sportneer massage gun allows five massaging speed levels with 11 mm of stroke amplitude and high pound pressure to relieve muscle spasms, boost blood flow, and prevent muscle atrophy. 

    The six interchangeable massage heads, each in a different shape, can relax any area from the neck to claves. Added with different vibrations make it ideal for everything from everyday soreness to knots from strenuous gym sessions. The massager is compact, lightweight, and portable, with two massage heads allowing the application of essential oils, making it a perfect gift for someone you love or simply yourself. 

    Viktor Jurgen Handheld Massager

    This massager by ViktorJurgen is for all those on a tight budget looking for a way to release muscle tension. This double head electric massager comes with a dog head built and three sets of free removable massage heads, offering various massaging options in areas such as the back, neck, legs, and feet. 

    With great customizable options, one can easily set up to 3350 pulses/minute and manage the intensity, motion, strength, and power as per requirements. The firm rubber grip gives the user a comfortable and non-slip grip for ease of use and comfort. 

    The Viktor Jurgen handheld massager grants every feature you would expect from a good massager and is an affordable and effective alternative. 

    Chirogun Percussion Massage Gun

    With a whopping total of 15 different massage heads and two bonus massage balls, the Chirogun massage gun offers a perfect full-body massaging experience. The tools can easily be used for different body areas, promoting blood circulation, warm-ups, and recovery; exceptionally good for both minor and significant body aches, so they don’t turn chronic over time.

    The 1A/25.2V adapter makes the charging fast for the massage gun, with a 2500mAh battery capacity that allows the gun’s brushless high torque motor to run continuously for six hours. With the outstanding ability to produce 30 different vibrational speed types, there is something for each kind of pain and muscle relaxation, whether from daily routine stress or for stubborn knots from the workout. 

    One of the best and most valuable features of the product is the noise reduction technology it uses. Even if you operate the massage gun at its maximum speed, the noise produced will not exceed 60db, making it exceptionally good for use in crowded places like offices and gyms. 

    Therabody Theragun Prime

    If you have read even a little on handheld massaging devices online, you must have definitely come across this highly recommended massager brand. Theragun is a well-known massaging device brand often used by athletes and professionals, and even patients suffering from chronic pain. 

    It is built with QuietForce technology, QX65, and a brushless motor. It offers a deep muscle treatment, soothes tightness, and helps recover faster, all in a slim and durable frame making hardly any noticeable sound. Other features include an ergonomic handle design for comfort and better grip, five built-in speeds with different LED indicators, and a lithium-ion battery offering a 120 minutes continuous massage session. 

    One innovative feature setting the device apart from various others in its league is the Therabody app that connects to the prime via Bluetooth. The app efficiently lets you track, personalize, and guide you through your massaging routine, showing the force and current speed as you go about it. Moreover, the app also makes it customize the speed, choosing between the company’s scientifically calibrated speed range.


    Muscle tension, soreness, back pains, tightened muscles, among other pain issues, can quickly turn into chronic illness with long-term problems if left unnoticed or untreated for an extended period. Some people often get used to the stiffness; they barely feel it anymore, resulting in severe medical conditions later in life. 

    Since not everyone has the luxury of time to invest in regular massage sessions, getting your own handheld massagers is a quick and seamless alternative to avoid and reduce any bodily pain. A handheld massager also makes for a great gifting option.





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