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Improve Balance With These Exercises

    We do not look after the balance of our bodies; it is one thing most people take for granted. Working on a good body balance has excellent benefits. Balance training exercises also improve the body’s overall fitness, and it helps improve stability, strengthen core muscles, and make you lighter on your feet.

    Balance training isn’t specific to any age group or lifestyle. From athletes to seniors, everyone can benefit from it. Good balance and alignment have a significant effect on your lifestyle and body health. For seniors, balance training is a great way to avoid injuries from falls. Athletes find balance training quite powerful as it brings a positive change in their performance. 

    Balance Training For All

    Static balance is the ability to maintain support within the body’s base of support, whereas dynamic balance can balance outside the body’s base of support. Both these balance types are equally important and can be improved with targeted exercises.

    Tree Pose

    The tree pose is one of the basic exercises to strengthen your core and improve balance. This exercise focuses mainly on the ankles and your core.

    • Stand on a plain surface with your feet together, keep your spine straight and tall lastly, stretch out your arms to your side. 
    • Slowly raise your right foot to the side of your left calf and try to balance on your left leg.
    • Now lift your arms above your head to resemble the branches of a tree. Hold the pose for 30 seconds and then switch to the other leg.

    Single-Leg Deadlift

    You can complete this exercise with or without dumbbells. It will strengthen your glutes, hamstrings and will also ensure activated abdominal muscles.

    • Stand with your feet planted together on a plain surface if you use a bosu stand on the ball side. Try to put most of your weight on your right foot.
    • Decide a focal point on the floor in front of you, and slowly, while maintaining your balance, lower your torso to face the ground while your left leg is raised behind you. Keep your spine straight and each of your hands to the floor.
    • Keep your body and left leg parallel to the floor. Do not put too much pressure on your right knee and keep it soft.
    •  As you return to the initial posture, keep your hamstrings, glutes, and abs squeezed.
    • Transfer sides and try to do eight deadlifts on each side.

    Dead Bug

    This is one of the best core strengthening exercises that also ensures a better balance. It challenges your deep core muscles and works towards better core stability.

    • This exercise requires a Bosu ball. Place your feet wide and stable on the floor and sit down in front of the bull’s eye center of the bosu.
    • With your feet kept stable, slowly lower your back on the bullseye of the bosu. Do not worry. You will adjust the position in a moment.
    • Slowly draw your abdominals in towards your midline and stretch your arms out wide.
    • Carefully lift one leg at a time, keep your legs and arms wide so that your posture resembles that of a dead bug.

    Squats On A Bosu

    This exercise is an amalgamation of basic squats with the irregular surface of a Bosu ball. This exercise helps activate all the right muscles.

    • Stand on the flat surface of a bosu with your feet hip-width apart.
    • Slowly sink into a squat position, let your weight sink into your heels.
    • As you press back into a standing position, try to engage your glutes and hamstrings for maximum benefit. 

    Balancing Reverse Lunges

    Lunges are a fundamental exercise for balance as you end up on one leg at a time, but when you do lunges standing on a Bosu or a folded mat, these become quite a challenge.

    • On the ball side of a bosu, stand with your feet close together.
    • Bend one knee and slowly stretch the alternate leg behind you onto the floor. Make sure both your knees are appropriately bent, one on the bosu and one on the floor.
    • Press straight up through the leg on the Bosu and return to the initial position. Switch legs and repeat.


    There you have five exercises that will help gain proper body balance. Balance is crucial in everyday life, which is why it demands proper care and attention. Try adding some of these exercises to your routine to help improve your stability.