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Minerals You Should Be Adding Into Your Water

    Water is an essential natural resource. It has many benefits, and you cannot survive without water. It keeps your skin healthy, keeps all the health problems away, and hydrates and balances your electrolyte levels. The earth’s finest water is FIJI water. Is it really the finest? 

    Some of the facts are true when it comes to water, like it hydrates your skin, improves digestion, and prevents diseases. 

    Reverse Osmosis System

    Moreover, many people are interested in putting a reverse osmosis system that helps to filter water. They are doing so only to remove all the harmful impurities and salt from the water with the help of reverse osmosis. Many of us also prefer mineral water as the water quality has been worsening, and our level of trust has declined when it comes to water purity. More and more people have been adding RO into their homes. RO cleanses the water but also removes some of the valuable minerals. But don’t worry, below are the minerals you should add back into your water.

    Mineral Drops

    They have recently become popular, and they work really well to mineralize RO water. They do not just add calcium but a variety of minerals that are lost in the purification of water. You have to be very selective about where you are using them. Otherwise, you’ll be wasting 50 dollars a month. You need to save them for your glass of drinking water only. Please don’t use them in making coffee, tea, or a pot of soup.


    You’ll be needing them when you’re traveling too, so make sure to keep one in your purse or a suitcase. Add a few drops of minerals to a water bottle. They balance the water and are a great supplement. They often provide a wide range of benefits, but most people do not use them due to their cost.

    Calcium Filters

    Many of the RO companies have this water softening system. You can quickly identify them by their ingredients, like calcite which is also known as calcium carbonate. Calcium is very cheap, and that is why it is used in a wide range of applications. Calcium filters are in the water treatment plant, industries, and places where the pH is low, like in pipes and plumbing activities. Calcium quickly does the job and makes the water less destructive and aggressive. Calcium increases hydration, improves the taste of water, and gives your body the minerals they require. If your home has low pH, then it works great for that.

    Salt And Baking Soda

    Salt and baking soda is a DIY approach. Minerals drops are very similar to salt and baking soda. They both are equally effective, and you should put this in 1-2 glasses of water and have it in a day. Though they don’t make a flavorful glass of water, they give explosive results. Salt is filled with minerals and provides a high quantity of minerals when added with water. You can also add baking soda, but it is not a great way to start your day.

    The REMIN

    The REMIN is one of the most recommended mineral drops. REMIN is a mix of calcium, potassium, and magnesium, the significant four alkaline minerals. It not only makes your water clean but also healthy. 

    Alkaline Pitcher

    They are an excellent choice to remineralize reverse osmosis water. Alkaline pitchers increase the pH level of the water and add some antioxidants to it. They help to remove chlorine and improve the taste of water. 


    Drinking healthy water is necessary to see the growing water-borne diseases and many harmful chemicals in the water. Safe drinking water is essential for your body, but at the same time, such RO systems tend to remove some of the necessary minerals from the water which our body requires. It is essential to read and know about several mineral drops that you can add to your water. Luckily, they are convenient and super cheap. So choose your own added minerals and drink safely.