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Tips And Tricks For Physical Activity

    In a healthy body dwells a healthy mind. There is no doubt about it, but the constant bickering between the mind and the body on whether to exercise or not is a never-ending battle! It takes immense motivation to get in with a workout plan, with the initial days being the critical period of fickle-mindedness!

    Add to it the pandemic that has made us shut ourselves in our homes for almost a year; our bodies have long forgotten what it means to take a flight of stairs! Though the exercise enthusiast took this opportunity to build a makeshift gym at their home, the others just used the time to switch between TV shows. With the pandemic being under control, it is time to step out and do the physical activity once again.

    But if you are hesitant and have become too comfortable with the lockdown lifestyle, we are here to motivate you. 

    The General Effects Of Exercise

    • Weight loss: This tops the list as it is the most go-to reason for many to take up exercise.
    • Mood lifters: Just like the physical body, your mental health improves with regular exercise. Exercising results in the release of several hormones, which boost happiness and decrease negative feelings like depression and anxiety. Etc.
    • Control lifestyle disease: Regulatelifestyle diseases such as high cholesterol or blood pressure to an extent through exercise and strict diet.
    • Better recovery: Exercising helps you achieve better and faster recovery from any disease or health complication.
    • Have a good night’s sleep: It restores the normal sleep-wake cycle.

    Exercises For Your Immunity

    If you are in for some hard-core exercise, then the following will help you build your immunity.

    High-Intensity Interval Training

    As the name suggests, it involves high-intensity training carried out for a short period, followed by a short rest period. Suppose you are already at a medium to advance level in the exercise. In that case, opting for HIIT will help you perform a targeted, intense workout and finish up the exercise in just 15 to 20 minutes.

    Strength Training

    It involves using weights as an external force against the targeted muscles. You can use weights, a resistance ball, or even your own weight (like in push-ups, squats, or lunges). The weights cap the muscles, bones, and joints, giving you an intense workout for the body.

    Light Physical Activity For Your Immunity

    Not everyone is capable of investing their energy, body, and mind for workouts that can drain you. An alternative physical activity to keep you and your immune system going are:


    Walking or brisk walking will help you to keep your body agile and active. Since there is no need for external accessories, walking proves to be the most efficient way to strengthen your body. A daily walk in fresh air for 30 minutes can yield surprising results.


    Yoga yields excellent results when done the right way. Certain asanas help to strengthen immunity, like the shalabhasana and bakasana. The meditations give you time to retrospect, giving you peace of mind, while the stretching makes you use the core and help your body build the immune system. 

    Water Exercises

    Water offers the least resistance to your body. Moreover, it supports bodyweight offering the least resistance to your body, especially joints. Hence, water exercises, aerobics, or swimming acts as a great alternative providing efficient burning up calories and at the same time having fun.


    It is another way to engage your cores without getting distressed about it. If you can, you can invest in high intense cycling using stationary bikes; otherwise, you can take it out to enjoy the weather.

    Build Your Immunity

    Building immunity is not an instant on-off mechanism. Hence, it would be unlikely to see instant results or results only because you adopt exercises into your daily life.

    For your body to heal and build something, it takes days of proper care and other aspects like a healthy diet with ample doses of fresh fruits and vegetables. Get a vaccination to avoid the risk of infection, adequate sleep for your body to recuperate, and quitting lifestyles involving smoking and drinking.

    Thus, to build a strong immune system, you must invest as a long-term goal. Therefore, if you cover the basics, then the exercises will prove to the knight in sweaty armor fighting off the diseases for you!

    Exercise generally helps to regenerate your body. Thus, if done the right way, any workout of your preference will help strengthen your body inside out.

    Building a robust immune system is essential as it determines your body’s strength to fight off any infection. A weakened immune system makes you more susceptible to gastric and respiratory infection. Moreover, you may be affected with more severity than others exposed to the same thing.


    Exercise is just one step you can take to maintain a healthy immune system. It is, however, a crucial step that provides a wide range of benefits that can not be understated when it comes to maintaining your overall health. Maintaining social distancing alone cannot guarantee our loved ones’ safety. For this, you have to prepare your body to fight against the unknown that nature will reveal in due course.