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What Causes You To Have Swollen Fingers In The Morning

    Have you ever noticed difficulty slipping your wedding ring on your fingers in the morning? Or are your hands just swollen or heavy? Or a burning sensation in your finger joints? If you have noticed the above symptoms, you aren’t the only one; many people face the issue of having swollen fingers in the morning, and in most cases, you don’t even need to worry about the same cause it’s nothing severe. In some cases, you will need to seek medical attention. 

    Reasons you don’t need to worry about 

    Too Much Salt In Your Diet

    Your body tends to keep a constant salt-to-water balance, which is essential because too much sodium in your body can be problematic, so in case you have eaten something with too much salt. To compensate for the extra salt, your body will retain more water, which will cause swelling; this can be controlled by cutting down excess salt in your food; avoid eating salty chips and other products with an excess of salt.

    Hot Climate

    Our bodies have coping mechanisms to deal with excessive heat outside, such as sweating and heavy breathing. If you live in a place where it’s usually hot, you might notice this problem of swollen fingers because your blood vessels inflate due to excess heat outside. This allows heat to escape through your skin to keep you cool. Avoiding the peak heat hours can help in this case, or a cool shower too.

    Lifting Weights

    If you are a gym person, then you’ll notice this problem of swollen fingers. This is because of lifting heavy weights; a response to the excess energy demands from your muscles while exercising; our finger muscles and tissues are delicate, and lifting weights can cause swelling too, in which case you can wear gloves while working out.

    Medicine Side Effects

    The swelling can also result from side effects due to the medication you are in; this happens mostly if you take medicines for high blood pressure, diabetes, or birth control.


    an extra amount of blood and other fluids run through your body when you are pregnant, hence swelling is commonly seen in pregnant women; you don’t need to worry about this 

    Reasons to need to worry about: 

    Rheumatoid Arthritis

    An autoimmune disease means the body’s immune system is attacking healthy cells; in the case of rheumatoid arthritis, the joints’ lining is affected; this may cause joints to swell, and you might have a burning sensation too near the joints.


    Similar to rheumatoid arthritis, but in this case, it’s age-related, here also you will notice swelling in the joints, which happens because the tissue near the joints wears down with age; it may or may not be painful.

    Kidney Related Issues

    The kidney is responsible for removing unwanted and excess fluid from our body. Still, when kidneys fail to function correctly, these fluids aren’t excreted out, and due to this, the body has to retain these fluids, which accumulate in your joints, primarily those of your limbs, which causes swelling. 


    Excess accumulation of lymph can cause localized swelling in our body, more commonly seen in the limbs, i.e., hands, fingers, feet, etc. There are various causes of lymphedema, and this condition can be treated.


    Another autoimmune disease that affects your body’s connective tissues, chiefly limbs, and early symptoms include swollen hands and fingers in the morning; you should consult a doctor and undergo treatment for this.

    Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

    If you notice a numb sensation in your hands when you wake up and a pain or burning sensation, then you might have carpal tunnel syndrome. This happens if you overuse your wrist or work in an environment where you can overuse your wrist. You can either treat this condition by doing some stretch exercises or consult a doctor.

    Raynaud’s Disease

    A rare condition in which your arteries narrow down, limiting blood circulation and causing swelling, you should consult a doctor to treat this disease. 

    To Finish 

    There could be various reasons for the swelling of your finger and hands; it’s pretty standard. Everyone may have noticed this some time or the other. In most cases, it’s not worrisome, and the swelling might go in a day or two, but if it stays and you notice it every day, you need to consult a doctor and try some treatment.