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Cut Your Prep Time In Half With These Cooking Hacks


    Cut your prep time in half with these cooking hacks. Several hours in the kitchen can be tiring, and things worsen if you do not have a helping hand. These hacks will make being in the kitchen much more enjoyable. Here are seven cooking tips for meal preparation that will reduce your time spent in the kitchen to half!

    Schedule Yourself Well!

    It would be best if you jotted down how many days you will be cooking, the different meals you will prepare for these, say five days, and the ingredients required to prepare them. This list will help you determine what is missing in the house to make a grocery list ready. Shopping beforehand saves the time that you would usually waste before you start to cook.

    Prep Ahead Of Time

    Go for simple yet delicious and healthy recipes. You must make the best use of veggies in your diet, especially if you have kids who are not so fond of them. So veggies can be store-bought, washed, chopped, and stored in refrigeration. This makes work easy, so every time you need to add them into your meals, grab a packet and use it. This chopped packet should have a shelf-life of a week.

    Cook Your Potatoes In The Microwave

    Potatoes are a must in every household. However, we need to spend hours till it gets cooked into squashy ones. Usually, potatoes are added to water and brought to a boil, which consumes around 15 minutes, depending on the potatoes’ size. You can microwave potatoes before frying or roasting them to reduce the cooking time.

    Ripen Bananas Quickly

    Who doesn’t love banana cake?

    Almost everyone does. However, for the cake, the bananas need to be squashy and ripened. So what do we do if we do not have ripened bananas?

    Just place them in the oven for 25 minutes at 350 degrees Fahrenheit and see them change to getting darker and softer on the outside. So all you are doing here is raising the temperature from room temperature to a slightly higher one, making them instantly ripe.

    Microplane For Ginger Garlic

    Ginger and garlic is an excellent combination that finds its way in meat, curries, and some salads. However, cleaning and chopping them is a great deal because you know garlic is stiff and needs to be cleaned from its sticky and stubborn skin. Soaking garlic in cold water before peeling them works workers. Use a microplane to mince it so you do not have to struggle with the knife. Another hack could be making ginger garlic paste and storing it in the refrigerator. This saves you from going back to ginger-garlic every time you need it.

    Oven As A Proofing Drawer!

    If the kitchen temperature is too cold and your home-made bread needs a proofing system, you can use your oven. If you want the bread to rise within minutes, all you got to do is place the dough in the oven. Do not switch it on. Place a bowl containing hot water under the dough so that the humidity and the warmth from the hot water will help your dough rise quickly. Do not forget to shut the door.

    Easy Way To Soften Butter!

    Once bought from the store, butter can be stored in an airtight container and kept at room temperature. This makes it remain soft all the time. However, this method works if there is too much butter consumption at your place. If not, you can store it in the refrigerator. Well, if you forget to melt it in advance, cut it into tiny cubes and keep it for 10 minutes. Cubed butter melts quickly than the whole stick.

    Final note!

    Use some of these cooking hacks for your next meal prep, and your meal will be ready to eat in no time. Whatever your cooking hacks might be, you must use the proper cooking temperature for cooking correctly and thoroughly. After using these hacks, you will have potatoes cooked in no time and will always have minced garlic and ginger on hand and ready to go.