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Food That Promotes Healthy Bowel Movements

    Food digestion is the natural phenomena of the body, so our intestines digest the food we give. However, it takes time to digest food, and it depends on the quality and quantity of food intake in a day. An unhealthy diet ends with irritation in the stomach, and constipation. Due to a low-fiber diet, less physical activity, and aging are the main reason for constipation, incorporating healthy food in the diet will help get the digestive system healthy. So here are some healthy foods that propel your stool forward.

    • Beans
    • Figs
    • Sweet potatoes
    • Lentils
    • Avocados
    • Apples
    • Citrus fruit


    Beans are readily available and affordable; it is an excellent source of fiber and plant-based protein. Beans also contain a good amount of Zinc, copper, manganese, and vitamin B1, B6, E, and K, all nutrient help ease constipation in different ways, and it contains both soluble and insoluble fiber. Cooked beans contain 7.5 grams of fiber. Soluble fiber absorbs water and constructs a set stool like a gel, which helps to soften stool and make excretion easy to pass.


    Figs are an excellent source of fiber. They contain 7.5 grams of fiber, and eating figs regularly in a meal improves a way to get more dietary fiber into your diet. This uplifts regular bowel movement and alleviates abdominal discomfort; it helps in the digestion of food and rapidly reduces intestinal transit time.

    Sweet Potatoes

    These are highly nutritious starchy root vegetables, an excellent source of fiber, vitamins, and minerals. Due to antioxidants and 8 grams of fiber, it is very advantageous for bowel movement and supports immune system functioning.


    They are Legumes, which contain high protein and 8 grams of fiber. It also contributes to excessive gas production and discomfort in bowel movements. However, soaking or sprouting the lentils before you eat them will help the digestive system digest them smoothly and efficiently.


    It is also known as butter fruit, which contains a considerable amount of monounsaturated fatty acid, fiber, and potassium. Ten grams of fiber in it has both soluble and insoluble fiber, which boosts your system. 


    This fruit has a good amount of dietary fiber, and it contains 3.6 grams of fiber, which is beneficial when added to meals. Various ways include juice, baked apple pies, and salads. Fiber passes through the intestine undigested and provides support to regular bowel movement.


    With kiwi’s help, consumption in the diet will regulate intestine transit time and improve constipation symptoms, stimulating the digestive tract, and giving rise to bowel movement.

    Tips To Have A More Enjoyable Bowel Movement

    Defecating every day is part of physical and mental activity, so if you want to keep your bowel movement healthy and frequent.

    • Drink lots of water, around 8-10 glasses of fluid, and it will keep you hydrated and help make your bowel movement easier to pass.
    • Increase eating the amount of fiber in the diet, mainly if you eat fruit, nuts, grain, and vegetables daily diet they add bulk to your stool which revives the movement of the bowel and helps poop to move forward.
    • Cutting out unhealthy food does not mean you add too much fiber food to the diet. Otherwise, it will give an adverse constipating effect to help your stomach cut down on drinks like alcoholic beverages, tea, coffee, foods rich in fatty acids, and spicy food.
    • Sitting posture on the toilet at the correct angle helps in the release of a potty. One can sit on a toilet with your knees higher than their hip, lean forward, put your elbow on your knees, relax your shoulder and bulge out your stomach.
    • Exercise can give strength to your body, but it will provide support to a bowel movement. General practice, such as walking, can help a lot to maintain a systematic bowel routine.


    The above tips on healthy eating habits encourage a quick bowel movement to relieve bowel problems like constipation. It is because of a change in lifestyle or changing an eating habit that will change it. If you make simple changes in your daily routine, it will help you eliminate the problem related to the bowel. It must keep your digestive system healthy one should stuff their stomach with good healthy food, and it will lead life to become medically beneficial.