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Prevention Methods For Cancer As You Age

    The main cause of death from cancer is lack of a healthy diet, obesity, alcohol or tobacco use, and no physical activity. Late-stage diagnosis and delayed treatment of cancer lead to fatal death. This disease can affect any part of the body, and the cells keep invading other parts. The abnormal cells grow in size and spread to other organs. 

    This stage is called Metastases, which is a major cause of death. Cancer can affect your lungs, breast, prostate, colorectal, and most commonly, skin. When normal cells turn into tumor cells, you’re likely to develop cancer In your body. In the beginning, the lesion is non-cancerous but can transform into a malignant tumor if not treated or diagnosed early. Some external agents result in major factors of cancer, including UV rays of sunlight, intake of tobacco smoke, heavy drinking, and infection from parasites, viruses, and bacteria. 

    According to research, it has been found that people who have a weak immune system and do not take a healthy diet are more prone to different types of cancers. It’s a well-known fact that aging also leads to the risk of developing cancer. Hence, if you want to prevent cancer, you need to modify your lifestyle, maintain a healthy weight, and include healthy and hygienic activities in your daily routine.

    Cancer Prevention

    To reduce your risk of cancer, there are some tips like getting regular checkups and eating a balanced diet that includes more fruits and vegetables, dairy products, and nuts. Also, consider some preventive methods listed below:-

    Say No to Tobacco

    People using tobacco are more at the risk of developing oral cancer, lung cancer, cervix, kidney, pancreatic cancer. Sometimes exposure to secondhand smoke may increase lung cancer risk, even if you don’t smoke. Hence as a preventive measure, you should avoid using tobacco. It’s tough to give up the bad habit of smoking, but if you have strong willpower, you can quit smoking and even take help from the doctors to learn about the various quitting strategies.

    Balanced Diet

    Another method of preventing cancer is eating a healthy diet. Including plenty of fruits and vegetables, whole grains, and beans in your diet is a sure shot solution for preventing cancer. Apart from this, you also need to eat light and low-calorie food like red meat, refined sugar, and fat. Moderate intake of alcohol would be helpful. Long-term drinking increases the risk of breast cancer, liver, kidney, lung, and colon cancer. According to the International Agency report and WHO, eating processed meat in large amounts increases the risk of a few types of cancer, so it should be limited. Eating a Mediterranean diet tailored with extra virgin olive oil and nuts helps in reducing breast cancer risk.

    Stay Physically Fit

    Maintaining a healthy weight and being physically active has a lower risk of lung, colon, kidney, and prostate cancer. Adults who exercise daily are substantially healthy. Yoga, aerobics, and some vigorous activities help in preventing cancer. So it is advisable to include physical activity as a common goal to fight cancer.

    Avoid Exposure to The Sun

    The most common and preventable kind of cancer is a Skin cancer that develops due to the sun’s harmful UV rays. Hence, it is advisable to avoid the midday sun because this is when the sun rays are powerful. If you’re working outdoors, use sunglasses and a brimmed hat to shield your eyes and head. Wear loose-fitting clothes to cover the exposed areas of your body. Choose dark or bright colors to reflect UV radiation. Wear a sunscreen lotion or cream if you’re swimming, even on cloudy days. This will help protect your skin from tanning and also reduce the risk of skin cancer. 

    Take Vaccine

    Certain viral infections can lead to cancers like:

    • HPV: Human Papillomavirus It’s a sexually transmitted virus that results in genital cancer or cervical cancer. Another infection is Hepatitis B which can develop into liver cancer. It’s common in health care or public safety workers who come in contact with infected body fluids or blood. People using infection for drug intake are at a higher risk of liver cancer. Hence it is advisable to get vaccinated timely to prevent the risk of cancer.

    Regular Screening

    For the early detection of various cancers like colon, skin, breast, and cervix, a regular self-check or screening can work wonders. Get a regular medical check and consult your doctor for successful treatment.

    Is it possible to prevent cancer?

    Talking about the whole country, it is possible to prevent cancer and reduce the death rate. It can also be checked if you take the necessary steps to improve your health and stop bad practices. Studies show that there is no guaranteed way of preventing cancer among your loved ones. Choosing a healthy lifestyle that includes a lot of physical activities, healthy eating, and constant medical checkup is a wise step towards cancer prevention. The adults, children, and teenagers are all required to be physically active. To reduce the risk of obesity, sedentary habits like lying down, sitting, and watching TV for entertainment in the same position for a long time should not be practiced. Growth of moles /lesions that keep changing in size, shape, and color should be examined and treated properly through a skin doctor. A healthy discussion with your family doctor to know about the preventive measures could detect cancer early.

    The reports about cancer prevention are very conflicting; the tips recommended in one research could be against the others. The facts about cancer prevention are still evolving, and by far, the development of cancer depends on the lifestyle you choose. So if you’re looking for some authentic ways to prevent cancer, then take all precautions to improve your immune system along with your overall health.

    Treating Cancer: For the effective and adequate treatment of cancer, its correct diagnosis is essential. Different cancers need different treatments that include radiotherapy, chemotherapy, or surgery. The basic aim of treatment is to cure the disease and increase the lifespan of the patient. It improves the quality of life for sure. As a first step, palliative care and supportive treatment of cancer can achieve better results.

    Some types of cancers like oral, colorectal, cervical, and breast cancer can be cured if detected early. And cancers like testicular seminoma, lymphomas, and leukemia have a high cure rate even after the cancerous cells have invaded other organs if treated appropriately.

    End to life care:

    Comfort care provides relief from the symptoms of cancer and enhances the life of the patients rather than cure. This treatment helps cancer patients live comfortably. Also known as Palliative Care is very common among cancer patients worldwide. End to Life Care has proved its worth in patients with an advanced cancer stage and many other fatal diseases. Through palliative care, relief can be achieved in more than 90% of patients suffering from psychosocial, physical, spiritual, and last-stage cancer problems. 

    Methods of Palliative care, including home-based care and community support, are good for families with low-income sources. The use of oral morphine as a mandatory treatment can give relief from mild to severe cancer pain. It has been reported that people at the age of 55 and above are at a higher risk of developing cancer. But some more factors promote the growth of cancer and can be prevented. Hence people are looking for more natural ways to prevent cancer and stay healthy. According to the National Cancer Institute, most people diagnosed with cancer die either due to lack of knowledge/awareness or late detection of the disease.

    Regular Medical Checkup and Care : 

    1. To prevent breast cancer among women aged 40 and more, it is recommended to have a mammogram screening every year. They should continue this till they turn 70 or as long as they remain healthy.
    2. Both men and women at the age of 50 are at average risk of having colorectal cancer, so screening tests, including a sigmoidoscopy, are recommended every 5 years.
    3. They should get a colonoscopy done every 10 years.
    4. A double-contrast barium enema could be helpful.
    5. Every five years, they should undergo a virtual colonoscopy.
    6. A cervical cancer screening at the age of 21 is recommended for all women. A pap smear or test after every 3 years can help prevent cancer.
    7. A low dose CT for lung cancer screening is suggested for smokers aged between 55 – 80 who have 30 years of smoking history.

    Conclusion: Cancer is a dreaded disease that can be fatal. According to the American Cancer Society reports, the risk of developing cancer can be reduced by making few changes in our lifestyles and health behavior. Therefore, it is advisable to eat healthy food, avoid excess smoking and drinking, be physically fit, follow the guidelines recommended for cancer prevention, get vaccinated, and participate in cancer screening programs as a routine medical check-up. Exercise daily for at least 30 minutes and eat a healthy diet to maintain weight and check obesity. Follow the guidelines of the American Advisory Committee for the prevention of cancer. Stay fit, stay healthy and enjoy your life to the fullest.





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