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How Nicotine Affects Aging

    Aging varies from individual to individual, but few signs indicate premature aging in many people before they even turn 40. One of the main reasons for premature aging is nicotine intake in smoking cigarettes and consuming tobacco. 

    All of us are familiar with the phrase “Smoking is injurious to health.” But have you ever thought to what extent smoking cigarettes can cause damage? It strips the skin of collagen, which plays a key role in maintaining the skin’s elasticity as all the harmful toxins in cigarette smoke disastrously affect its composition and quality. Our skin also consists of elastin, another crucial element that helps in nurturing the skin.

    Signs of Premature Aging


    Sunspots or age spots is the common sign of premature aging. Age spots are also known as liver spots. These appear in the form of flat and bare spots. The primary cause of these types of spots is permanent exposure to the sun over the years.

    They appear in different areas of your body, especially your upper body. They are most likely to be found on your face, forearms, and at the back of your hands. People with the age of 40 or above 40 are prone to age spots.


    Another common sign of premature aging wrinkles. Everyone wants flawless and glowing skin, but smoking not only speeds up the aging process but is also a cause of premature aging in smokers. People who smoke get Crow’s feet. Crow’s feet are a type of wrinkle condition experienced mainly by the people who consume tobacco or are into smoking. They appear at the outer corner of their eyes. Everyone tends to have these wrinkles, but they are visible far before they are supposed to develop in smokers. 

    Skin Cancer

    The most detrimental effect of cigarette smoking is skin cancer. If you’re a smoker, then this is for you. Smoking cigarettes increases the risk of skin cancer by 52% compared to a non-smoker. The tobacco smoke that smokers are exposed to causes Squamous Cell Carcinoma. This skin cancer develops on the lips and is the second most common type of skin cancer. 


    Psoriasis is not entirely an effect of smoking cigarettes as non-smokers also tend to develop it. People with a weak immune system are prone to this condition. But if you’re someone who smokes, then you’re at a much higher risk of developing this skin condition. If you consume a pack a day of cigarettes, then the risk of having psoriasis increases by 20%. 

    Skin Staining

    Smokers have an uneven skin tone. Their skin turns orange and greyish. The main reason behind this skin staining is the lack of oxygen. People who smoke don’t get a sufficient amount of oxygen and this, in turn, affects their skin cells as they don’t get enough oxygen to regulate and perform their functions. 

    Nicotine in cigarettes is the cause of psoriasis in smokers as nicotine impacts the immune system. The intake of nicotine also results in skin inflammation, and it reduces the growth of skin cells.

    Dry Skin

    Smoking makes your skin extremely itchy and dry. This skin condition is referred to as Xerosis Cutis. With regular smoking, xerosis cuts can worsen. Skin thinning takes place with frequent spells of itchy skin. The more the skin is thin, the more it will be dehydrated. And dehydration is what causes dryness and itching. Your skin becomes sensitive and prone to flaking as you age.

    Quit Smoking!

    Smoking is nothing but an open invitation to heart, lung, and skin diseases. It lessens your life span, weakens your immune system, and takes away your body’s power and strength to fight infections or any ailments. It makes your skin sensitive and causes inflammation and whatnot on your skin. It deprives your skin of all the nutrients and, most importantly, oxygen. Please do yourself a favor, take a step back from smoking, and see how miraculously your life will change.


    The bottom line is that you should avoid all the matter having nicotine in them. It not only affects your physical health but moreover impacts your mental health in the long run. It furthermore makes you look older than your age. So it’s recommended for your benefit only to quit smoking and tobacco consumption.