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When To Start Using Anti-Aging Products

    Taking care of the skin by eating healthy is essential, but our skin also needs proper nourishment from the outside. There are plenty of available products in the market to help target your skin area, which needs proper care and nutrition, such as fine lines, dark under-eye, crow’s feet, dull skin, etc. The market is filled with extensive products that can be quite overwhelming. However, it would be best to think about which products suit you the best and work virtually for your skin. 

    Dermatologists recommend using anti-aging products at the age of twenties and thirties. To prevent aging, you should use sunscreen as the sun contributes to the skin aging process. You need to moisturize your skin daily. Many ingredients help you fight skin aging at a very young age. Most experts recommend derivatives like retinol or retinyl esters that help improve fine lines and skin laxity. 

    When to start using anti-aging products

    It might be confusing for many of us as we don’t get any blemishes on our skin while we are young. Some people also argue about the use of anti-aging products too early. Some even wait for the fine lines and the blemishes to appear and then start treating their skin. If you want to be young for long, you have to start using anti-aging products at an early stage. Following are the lists of explanations that will help you better understand when you should begin using the anti-aging skincare products.

    Sunscreen SPF

    Most of us think that SPF is only to avoid sunburn, but rather, it is the most powerful product you will ever use to help fight against the skin’s aging process. One of the main factors by which your skin gets affected is the sun. Ninety percent of your skin aging is caused by the sun. It would be best if you used a sunscreen with a higher SPF than 15 as it comes with spectrum protection covering both UVB and UVA; these two are responsible for causing maximum damage to your skin. Even if there is no sun outside, you should still be wearing sunscreen as you always will be under the harmful UVA rays. Also, while sitting in the car, by the window, or traveling on a plane, you should wear sunscreen. When on the beach, make sure you apply the sunscreen all over and reapply after going into the water.

    Antioxidants Formulated Skin Serums

    As our skin starts to age, our skin becomes dull, so to restore the refines and brightness, we use antioxidants serums that help lighten up the dark spots and fine lines. It is one of the great ways to protect your skin from free radicals. Before using serums, make sure to exfoliate your skin and then apply the serum. You should include antioxidants in your routine. Those who have dry skin are incredibly influential on them as some of the serums have a high concentration of hyaluronic acid that reduces dry lines.

    Vitamin C And Vitamin A 

    Vitamin C and vitamin A have antioxidants that give our skin the glow we lose. It also improves your tone of the skin and gives you a radiant glow. As you start to age, your skin becomes dull, but your skin will look brighter by including vitamin C in your routine. It is even more critical for those with paler skin.

    Green Tea

    Green tea is known for its several benefits. It has many antioxidants that help you keep your skin hydrated, and if you have sensitive skin, then green tea extracts are strongly recommended for you. 

    Anti-Wrinkle Cream

    When you reach your 40s and 50s, an anti-aging wrinkle cream can help decrease the fine lines. Using alpha hydroxy or glycolic in your routine will help your skin restore its plumpness by reducing fine lines. If you have visible fine lines, you must use the anti-wrinkle formula to prep your skin. The elasticity production helps tone the skin texture, which acts as a mild exfoliating agent.

    Cucumber Aloe Vera Facial Spray

    People whose complexion is a bit dark tend to show more aging signs than people with a lighter complexion. Cucumber and aloe vera is known for many health and skincare benefits, and they help your skin to remain hydrated and soft. They also have many antibacterial properties, which help to reduce acne and spots on your skin. It is recommended that you add caffeine if you are above the age of 40 because it helps skin regeneration.

    Moisturizer And Eye Creams

    Moisturizers and under-eye creams have properties that help to firm your skin and brighten it up. There are many under-eye creams but make sure to collect the one with banana as the main ingredient in it as it helps to brighten up the under eye and reduce dark spots. Moisturizers and creams help to hydrate your skin as it provides lasting moisture.  


    We need to keep our skin healthy and beautiful. Skin anti-aging also depends on our well being. We should contribute towards healthy anti-aging as there are several herbal products on the market. Please choose the right one for you with one or two of the ingredients mentioned above and start taking better care of your skin right away.





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