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Top 2021 Healthcare Gadgets

    The ongoing Covid-19 pandemic has brought some unprecedented changed into the world of technology. There have been strong technological demands from people in the healthcare industry to develop new and advanced devices for preventive care and better connectivity. This blog will discuss some of the best healthcare gadgets for the year 2021.

    Telehealth Methods

    Telehealth methods have become increasingly popular, especially when people are advised to stay at home. Many hospitals around the world have switched to telehealth methods rather than in-person visits. This switch’s main reason was to reduce contact between patients and the hospital staff, thus preventing the virus’s spread. The medical staff uses wearable devices that enable them to get access to real-time information on the patient’s profile, medical records, medication history, etc., all while staying at home. Telehealth will experience more growth in the year 2021 and is likely to stay even after the pandemic.

    Artificial Intelligence

    Artificial Intelligence has had a massive role to play in the effort to control the cases of COVID-19. It’s been used in vaccine development, pandemic detection, facial recognition, thermal screening, and CT scan analysis. For instance, Blue Dot is an application developed by a company in Toronto, Canada, which excels at detecting the early warning signs of pandemics such as Covid-19. Plus, there has also been a development of non-contact infrared thermometers and other thermal screening systems to calculate the temperature. AI can swiftly carry out temperature checks and identify people with a high temperature in a crowd.

    The Internet of Medical Things

    Various devices and app developments have played a major role in tackling and preventing many illnesses and injuries in patients and even doctors. The internet of medical things includes various wearables and gadgets such as ECG and EKG monitors used to monitor different medical measurements such as glucose levels, skin temperature, blood pressure, and much more. There have been new delivery methods, such as a smart pill and advanced methods to stay connected to remote patients.

    Virtual Reality and Simulation Healthcare

    Technology is a significant factor in the development of the health industry. The quality of healthcare can greatly be improved with the use of augmented and virtual reality. This technology is constantly bringing innovations from advancing patient visitation techniques to educating medical students using simulations.

    For instance, simulation technology helps therapists better understand their patients and make better plans for them. This technology allows patients to unlock their memories and improve their overall well-being.

    Augmented Reality

    Augmented reality can also greatly help healthcare workers present information in 3D and have real-time access to data, benefiting their research and other medical procedures. Doctors can also use this technology to make better diagnoses and also help their students learn better. Moreover, there have been advancements in robotic surgeries as well. This idea is fairly new but will definitely see more advancements in 2021.


    Blockchain is a new trend that can drastically improve the current healthcare system. This technology can improve data security by enabling access to a common ledger that patients can use to record transactions conveniently. Blockchain has several healthcare applications that can enhance monitoring devices, clinical data, and insurance information and share and store electronic medical records. This technology allows patients to develop and update their own patient data, which, in turn, brings transparency to financial operations and decreases the complexity of billing cycles.

    Cleaning Technologies and Hospital Design

    Healthcare providers are constantly on the hunt for new ways to keep hospitals clean and sanitary. Some hospitals are also changing the layout and design of the check-in process to avoid clustering people and identifying patients who pose a contagious risk. This requires enhanced use of technology such as autonomous robots that release ultraviolet rays to decontaminate a room in only a span of 15 minutes. Plus, RFID technology is also being used to tackle different health-related issues, including how often an employee washes their hands. Hospitals have also started using thermal cameras that capture and record a person’s temperature while entering a building.

    Smart Lamb

    A Belgian startup, Nobi, has introduced this technology. The smart lamb is a hanging lamb made specifically for senior citizens who live alone at home. The device uses a form of Artificial Intelligence to identify any falls in its proximity. The lamb also asks the owner if they are doing alright and calls immediate family members in case of an emergency. It has many other smart features, such as detecting a fire or an invader, so it’s pretty much an all-rounder when it comes to security tech.

    Patient Monitoring Kit

    Philips has developed a new patient monitoring kit that is a ready-to-launch kit for ICUs to quickly ramp up their care capacity at the time of emergencies. The kit includes devices used to measure a patient’s respiratory rate, heart rate, posture, activity level, and ambulation. The company has also included a facial recognition feature that streamlines CPAP mask selection and a dentistry solution for offices for virtual practice.

    GTR and GTS 2e Smart Watches

    The watches are designed to provide vital information, such as a patient’s heart rate, blood oxygen saturation levels, sleep patterns, stress measurement, and a health assessment tool that uses a single numbered score to monitor health.


    A strong focus on technological advancement in the healthcare industry will have a positive impact in the future. Advanced technology can be efficiently used to cater to various health crises in the future and create new options for better care and connectivity for patients and doctors.