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8 Incredible Tips to Help With Sinus Relief


    Sinus congestion is when fluid is jammed in your nose’s sinuses, making it feel very painful and blocked. You can use natural home remedies to feel more comfortable, like steam inhalation, applying a moistened, warm towel on your face, and hydration. Sinus congestion can be caused due to many reasons; Colds and fevers are one of them. Apart from these, many bacterial infections can occasionally cause sinus congestion to an individual. A person suffering from sinus congestion can also experience headaches, sore throat, runny or blocked nose, fatigue, and coughing. There are many treatments and medical systems available that can help you provide relief. You can try many remedies other than proper medication at home to cure the condition of the sinus. This article lists eight natural home remedies that can help in sinus congestion. 


    Staying Hydrated

    When suffering from sinus congestion, your mucous membrane can feel blocked and become inflamed. However, the intake of an ample amount of water and making yourself feel hydrated will aid in your membrane’s correct functioning. Having water and many other forms of fluid can help relieve the common symptoms of this condition. So it is highly recommended for a person suffering from this condition to keep a bottle of water nearby during the day, which will encourage them to have more water. 

    Breathing in Steam

    This particular home remedy works perfectly well during the cold or winter season. Steam breathing keeps your mucous membrane moist and unblocks your sinus by providing relief from its symptoms. Apart from breathing in steam, if an individual takes a shower with very warm water and breathes in the steam, it can also cause unblocking and relief from the sinus. Using a humidifier can provide the same result.

    Raising Your Head While Sleeping

    This simple home remedy can help you by providing relief from sinus blockage by clearing it. It is a very simple remedy. One can raise the head on the pillow during sleep by adding some more pillows to prop their head up. However, if you keep your head level, there are more chances of building this condition.

    Using Eucalyptus Oil

    You should use eucalyptus oil as it has proven to be one of the most effective home remedies for this condition. When used, it provides relief to the person. It also kills all bacteria and germs out and in your nasal passage, which may contribute to sinus congestion. There are many ways of using eucalyptus oil for better results. You can apply it with tissue paper, keep it next to your bed, or you can add it to warm water and inhale it by steaming.

    Applying a Warm, Wet Towel

    One of the oldest and most effective remedies is applying a warm and wet towel against your face. This remedy tends to provide relief from inflammation and swelling caused by congestion of the sinus. It can help your mucous membrane to function properly by keeping it moist through inhaling moist air. This remedy is straightforward to use by soaking a towel in lukewarm water, squeeze it well to drain excess water and wrap it all over your face for nearly 10 to 15 minutes. 

    Neti Pot

    This pot is one of the advanced technologies. It is a small device in the shape of a teapot that helps a person put some saltwater solution down his nasal passage. This technique helps in keeping your mucous membrane moist and unblocked, allowing it to function properly. This device also helps in clearing all the germs and bacteria. The microbes may be causing the blockage and tend to provide relief from all the symptoms of sinus. Make sure to clean the device and read the instructions before use.

    Spicy Food

    Much research has shown that eating spicy food like peppers and hot mustard can help clean and open your nasal passage and relieve pain and inflammation caused by sinus congestion. It is said that capsicum, one of the most active chilies, can help relieve this condition. 

    Nasal Spray

    Many nasal sprays are available in the market that provides relief from sinus congestion. Sinus and nasal congestion can be caused because of fever, cold, or upper respiratory allergies. Nasal sprays are considered a speedy and active remedy that provides relief a few minutes after its use. They provide relief by shrinking the swollen nasal membrane so you can breathe properly. 




    Suffering from sinus congestion is not a joke as a person may be feeling a lot of pain and pressure. All the viruses, cold and bacterial infection can be the major cause of this condition. It can be treated through proper medication. Many reasons can cause this condition, like cigarette smoking or traveling on a plane due to the flight pressure. The above-listed home remedies are straightforward and found easily around your home.