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Top Foods That Keep You Looking Young

    Even if you live a healthy life, like no smoking, no alcohol, avoiding too much sun, getting enough sleep, trying to live a stress-free life, your body will continue to change over time. There are several things that you can consider to improve the way you look. There are healthy habits that you need to adapt to when you want to look youthful. The most important is having a healthy diet. Having the right amount of food and in the right proportion can help and lead to weight loss. 

    If you want to look younger, decrease dark circles, and prevent your hair from greying, try adding these healthy foods to your diet as it plays an essential role in achieving this. The healthier you eat, the more fit you get, and the better lifestyle you have helps maintain that youthful look. This article will discuss the top anti-aging foods that make you look healthy and young with many added other health benefits.

    What foods to eat to make you look young?

    Shiitake Mushrooms

    It is natural to get grey hair as you get old enough, but it becomes inappropriate for your folks. One great cause of early greying of hair is due to lack of copper. Studies found that premature greying of a person had significantly lower copper levels in their body. Your body needs copper to produce pigment for your hair and skin. Doctors recommend a daily intake of copper.

    Sweet Potatoes

    Eating a rich diet of fruits and vegetables gives a healthier glow and attractive skin than sitting in the sun.  Consuming red and orange fruits and vegetables gives you a more sun-kissed complexion. 156% intake of sweet potatoes helps you improve your skin condition and protects your skin cells from UV rays. There are plenty of good fiber diets rich in beta carotene, which converts into vitamin A.

    Green Tea 

    Green tea is a rich source of antioxidants and can protect against free radicals. Antioxidants can change their structure and avoid damages. The antioxidants present in green tea are called polyphenols, which help fight diabetes, heart disease, and inflammation. It helps boost your metabolism and has significant stress responses. Compounds also help to protect your skin protein, which helps reduce the sign of premature aging.

    Dark Chocolate/Cocoa

    Dark chocolate is more potent than blueberries and cranberries. They help reduce your blood pressure and improve your arterial function and elasticity. They also increase insulin sensitivity. An antioxidant present in the chocolate, which is called flavanol, protects your skin from sun damage. The amount of flavanol is different in different chocolates, and there are studies conducted on high-flavanol and low-flavanol. Therefore, chocolate high in flavanol provides better hydration, smoothness, and thickness to your skin than the chocolate with lower flavanol content. 

    Olive Oil

    Extra virgin olive oil is one of the healthiest fats on earth. Some studies have shown that it helps prevent many common diseases that are associated with aging and greying. It helps lower blood pressure and helps prevent metabolic syndrome, and also helps to fight cancer. Olive oil helps your skin look younger as it has strong anti-inflammatory effects on the skin, and it protects the skin from sun damage. About 73% of olive oil contains monounsaturated fat, which increases the skin’s elasticity and firmness.


    As we know, the more vegetables we eat, the healthier for our body. They contain antioxidants that reduce the risk of heart disease and cancer and also cataracts. Vegetables are rich in vitamin C, which produces collagen, promoting strong antioxidant effects. 

    Almond Butter

    It contains a wide range of nutrients, including vitamins, fats, and potent micronutrients, all of which are good sources for healthy hair. It contains vitamin E, which helps keep the hair locked up to the scalp and shiny. Some studies prove that vitamin E also increases hair growth. Almonds have many nutrients, which help your hair become healthy and help them in pigmentation, as it helps your hair stay as they are, and they do not get greyish before age.

    Hydrolyzed Collagen

    Many foods support your body. Supplements that have collagen specifically target your health. Doctors recommend taking collagen to see your skin’s improvements. 


    Having a healthy diet is useful if you want to see improvement in your skin and lifestyle and have that glowing skin at any age effectively. Our body requires different nutrients to stay active and fit, and it is easier to maintain it when you are young, but at the same time, it is a bit difficult when you start aging. So, it is necessary to notice the food you eat and the nutrients present in it as they will help provide you with the desired result. 

    These foods will give you nutrients and contain antioxidants that enable you to fight a disease like cancer, heart-related problems, and many more. You can include these in your diets. You can fight such conditions and have a healthy-looking body and skin even in your eighties.