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Eliminating Bad Breath

    You brush your teeth daily but is that enough oral hygiene for the day? Let’s face it. Bad breath isn’t a desirable thing, and as typical as it is, many of us are mortified by it. That may not be the most productive path to take since the first step in figuring out a solution involves finding more information about the problem. The issue of bad breath, under certain circumstances, may only be resolved with the help of a doctor and professional tools. However, it’s not always a medical condition behind bad breath, and the following effective home remedies will maintain oral hygiene and eliminate bad breath.


    Tongue Scraping

    It’s undisputedly clear that you’ll need to brush your teeth regularly. But assuming you already do that and would like to take some extra measures, tongue scraping is a useful addition to your oral hygiene. It will essentially remove the extra particles on the surface of your tongue –which is the reason behind the bad breath. It will remove the dead cells and the bacteria from the tongue and will reap various benefits. Tongue scraping is an excellent way of improving your overall health, your sense of taste, the appearance of your tongue, along with giving you better protection from dental decay. Tongue scraping should be done consistently to eliminate bad breath from your life.


    Dryness in the mouth may cause bad breath. Fortunately, the remedy is as effortless as chugging down a glass of water to refresh your mouth. Some people may not like drinking plain water. In such a case, one may add to their diet more foods rich in water content. For example, you can get rid of bad breath by eating tomatoes and watermelons or intake foods like cucumber, celery, and lettuce. If you’re alright with the taste of plain water, drink sufficient amounts throughout the day and cut out the nastiness of bad breath from your life. Water is necessary for your overall health, so you should pay attention to dehydration signs like bad breath.

    Brushing and Flossing

    Brushing your teeth and tongue can reduce the odor by removing the bacteria lounging on your tongue. If you have a bad breath problem, it’s best if you use a toothbrush that comes with a built-in tongue cleaner. Consider reducing or quitting smoking to help reduce bad breath. Be careful while you brush your tongue or use a tongue scraper instead.  Regularly change your brush. Flossing every day also reduces the risk of diseases and helps you get fresher breath. Floss takes out particles of food stuck between your teeth, giving you the confidence of better breath.


    Like treatments of various other diseases and issues, diet can play a crucial role in eliminating bad breath. For example, the bad breath after eating garlic can be reduced because of milk. Milk helps combat bad breath if you’ve consumed strong-smelling food. Similarly, yogurt has been noted for its beneficial effect in reducing bad breath. Yogurt is also over-all healthy for your body, and you should consider including it in your diet every day. Other foods that are good for your dental health include oranges, apples, pineapple juice, and popular mouth-freshening foods like fennel or anise seeds. Reducing your protein intake is also useful in eliminating bad breath since ammonia production will decrease significantly.

    Green Tea and Zinc

    Green tea has multiple health benefits and is thus usually an excellent addition to your diet. It is common knowledge that green tea assists in weight-loss with its health properties, but it’s also helpful in reducing bad breath. The deodorant and disinfectant properties go a long way in freshening your breath. One cup of green tea is as good for your breath as putting a mint in your mouth. Another home remedy is to have Zinc because it is present in certain mouthwashes and dietary supplements. You can also opt for zinc chewing gum if you have a dry mouth. Six months of regular uses with a zinc solution can significantly improve bad breath.


    Some more home remedies for bad breath include baking soda and aromatic spices like cloves and cinnamon. If you’re struggling with immense stress all the time, it can result in a bad breath too. Try to de-stress yourself, and don’t hesitate to reach out to a mental health expert. A crucial thing to not forget is that while bad breath can be eliminated with home remedies, medical complications like diabetes and infection may also be the cause behind bad breath. As a precaution, you should make an appointment with a doctor if you think the terrible odor may have some serious underlying cause.