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Booty Busting Exercises

    Everyone wishes to get an ideal body shape. However, shaping up a body means entirely different things to various people. While guys would focus on losing a few pounds in the gut and building their chest and arms, girls would like to gain shape that is perfect to fit in their favorite pair of jeans. If you want to achieve those glutes, you will need some great booty workouts. The listed exercises aim to make your butt workout easier at home. Here is how you can perform them:

        • Select four to six exercises for the butt. 
        • Continue the reps until you feel that the glutes have begun working. 
        • Repeat for about three to five rounds. 
        • Perform them a minimum of three times a week.  


    These squats target your legs and back. It would be best to start by standing with your feet apart, and your hands should be open out. Then, bend the knees and lower like you are about to sit on a couch or chair. You can bend as much as it feels comfortable, and make sure your thighs are in line with the floor. Gradually, rise to the standing position after 30 seconds. Repeat this exercise about eight to ten times.


    • Your back should be straight.
    • Try and have the weight equally balanced between your heels and toes.
    • Try not to let the knees get ahead of your toes.  


    This exercise will target your buttocks and your lower back.

    Start by laying down, putting your back to the floor. The knees should be bent, and your heels near your bottom. And keep your feet apart to the width of your shoulder and your back flat. Now slowly, elevate your hips and make a direct line from the knees up to your shoulders. Now, as you get up, try and tighten the buttocks and abdominal muscles. Gradually lower yourself down again and to the original position. Replicate this exercise about 30 times for three reps.


      • Make sure your knees are not pointing out. 
      • Tuck in your chin slightly. 
      • Do not contract your hamstrings. Instead, tighten the buttocks. 


    This exercise would target your buttocks and your lower back. Let’s start this exercise by lying down on the back. Ensure that your knees are bent and pointing towards the outer area. Keep the feet soles close to each other (heel with the heel, a toe with the toe). Attempt squeezing the glutes while lifting the hips. Your body should create a line from the knee to the neck. Next, push the heels closer when you lift the hips. You can also get your feet together to aid in activating your glutes. You might need a lot of reps (20+) to feel this one burn.  


      • Remember to keep your chin tucked in.
      • Try to contrast your butt muscles as you lift yourself upwards.


    This exercise would aim at your buttocks and your lower back. Start by lying down on your right side. Make sure to bend the right knee at about ninety degrees. Your back and left leg should be in a line. Strain the fingers of your left hand into the top of your butt. Your left hip should tilt forward. Now try to lift the left leg as high as possible without allowing your hips to lean back. Now, slowly lower yourself to the initial position. Do this exercise up to eight to ten times for about 30 seconds and repeat with the right leg.


      • Watch the way you lift your leg, it should be in alignment with the back.
      • Try to feel your butt muscles, and feel them contract as you elevate the leg up and down.
      • Ensure that the muscles of your abdomen stay tightened during this entire exercise.


    This exercise will target your legs and your buttocks. Let’s start by standing with your feet together. Now draw a step forth with the right leg and slowly try to bend your knees continuously both your legs are almost ninety degrees. Do not let the right knee go beyond the toes. Also, make sure not to let the left knee meet the floor. And now push yourself again to a standing position. Repeat this exercise about eight to ten times before switching to your left legs.


      • Try to have a straight back. 
      • Do not let the right knee go beyond the toes while stretching. 
      • Try and keep the muscles of your abdomen contracted while performing this exercise.


    This exercise targets your buttocks. Let’s start by getting on all four limbs (both the hands and legs) and lift one left heel towards your ceiling while keeping the knee bent. Remember not to arch your back for lifting the leg. Initiating this movement will get your glutes/hips working. This exercise is to activate the glute and help you in lifting the leg. It is not about raising the foot very high. You should do the same with the second leg for about fifteen times on each side with five reps.


      • Try to keep your back aligned and head facing upwards.
      • Keep your knees bent while lifting your heel towards the ceiling.
      • Make sure to keep your back straight.


    This exercise will target your buttocks. The Fire Hydrant is a useful exercise for an intense butt pump. If you add a resistance band around your knees for doing this exercise, it will provide more burn. Let’s get started by getting on all fours. Now slowly, try to lift your left leg to your side. Remember to go only as high as you can without trying to shift your torso to the side. Your back should be straight. Keeping it stable and neutral will make the exercise effective. So, initiate the movement from your hip. Replicate with the other leg. Do this exercise fifteen times on either side with three reps.


      • Make sure to keep your back aligned and head facing upwards.
      • Lift your knees to the side as much as you can, avoiding any movements in your torso. 


    The above-listed butt exercises will give you an excellent foundation to start shaping your butt without using any weights. All you gotta do is, stay consistent, and feel your glutes burn after each exercise. If you have dumbbells, a resistance band, kettlebells, or any similar equipment, make sure that you include them, too. Muscle building is based upon progressive overload, so make sure you continue to challenge yourself.