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The Effects of Bad Posture & Why You Need To Correct It

    Bad posture can have serious adverse effects on your health. No wonder our moms keep telling us to sit or stand straight. Most of us walk with slumped or slouched shoulders, without even realizing that that’s not how we should be walking. We even spend hours sitting in incorrect postures. And what happens after that? We feel like our body has turned stiff. That’s all because of bad posture.

    Bad posture puts stress on certain joints and muscles and causes them to get overworked and fatigued. If bad posture is maintained for extended periods of time, it can result in chronic pain that doesn’t go away with painkillers alone but requires a combination of medicines and physiotherapy.

    In today’s tech-infused world, where most of the jobs require you to sit in front of your computer screens all day long, there’s no surprise that more and more people have started to complain of body pain. This blog focuses on some of the most prominent effects that bad posture can have on your health in an attempt to help you understand how important it is to correct your posture right away!

    1.    Spine Curvature

    When the spine is aligned correctly, it takes the shape of an ‘S’ that comprises of 3 prominent curves. However, a poor posture can lead to the misalignment of these natural spine curves and change its shape. With that being said, a misaligned curvature puts excessive pressure on the spinal cord, which can cause persistent back pain. Under normal circumstances, the spine functions to absorb any shock, but once the shape and alignment are altered due to bad posture, it deteriorates the spine’s natural ability to absorb shock and puts your spine at a higher risk of getting injured even at the slightest of the pressure.

    2.    Back Pain

    Back pain is one of the most common effects of bad posture. An incorrect posture puts a strain on your back (both upper and lower). A poor posture that could be slouching forward puts pressure between the shoulder blades and flattens your back muscles. As a result, you feel pain in your back, shoulders, below the neck, and even around the tailbone. If you feel any of such pains after sitting for many hours straight, know that you aren’t sitting straight enough.

    3.    Poor Blood Circulation

    By sitting in a poor posture for extended periods, you’re actually putting your body at the risk of poor blood circulation. Circulation problems can get very serious. Some parts of your body may not get the blood that they require, as a result of which these body parts will remain deprived of adequate oxygen and nutrition, which is something you wouldn’t want. Moreover, bad posture can also increase the risk of you developing varicose veins. If you didn’t think your posture can have such detrimental effects on your body, it’s high time that you think again!

    4.    Reduced Lung Function

    Who knew sitting in a forward-hunched position can affect your lung function? Well, yes. You read that right. If you sit in a forward-leaning or hunched position for long, it can negatively affect your lung capacity and function. With the lungs not functioning to their optimum capacity, your body and all the vital organs, including the brain, kidney, heart, liver, etc. are getting deprived of that they need to function properly. As a result, you may suffer from poor cognitive function, shortness of breath and may even develop vascular and heart diseases in more serious cases.

    5.    Disruption of Digestion

    Another common effect of bad posture is disrupted digestion. If you’re involved in a job that requires you to sit on your seat all through the day, it’s only natural to find comfort in a slouched-shoulder posture. A slouched posture compresses the organs of your abdomen, including your digestive tract. If you stay in the same posture for a prolonged period, you’ll observe a negative impact on your body’s ability to process food, and your body’s metabolism may also get affected. Over time, your body will be at risk of developing a nutritional deficiency.

    6.    Poor Sleep Quality

    Bad posture can also affect the quality of your sleep. Maintaining a poor posture over long periods puts your muscles in a compromising position. As a result, you struggle to find a comfortable position in bed that can enable you to sleep peacefully. You feel unease and discomfort on any side you turn to. If you’ve got this complaint, your posture is to blame more than your mattress.

    7.    Bad Mood

    You may not be able to pinpoint the cause of your sore mood lately. But if you think about it, bad posture can be a potential reason. Bad posture puts your entire body under strain. You might not realize it, but it causes serious uneasiness and discomfort. And this is what leads to a bad mood. You get cranky because you’re tired and exhausted, and your body has been in an uncomfortable position for far too long.

    Closing Word

    Who knew bad posture could do so much to your body? Now that you know what a poor posture can do to your health and wellbeing, we suggest you fix your posture right away. You can arrange for a comfort backrest or a better chair at work. Staying conscious about how you sit and walk can also help you correct your posture. With so many negative effects associated with bad posture, posture correction isn’t an option but a necessity. Be kind to your body, and start working on your posture correction from today onwards!