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Do Vitamins Really Work?

    Vitamins have become a part of most people’s lives. Whether you take vitamin occasionally or have a habit of popping several pills every day, there comes a time when you have to question the authenticity and find out if vitamins work or not.

    Before answering the question, it is significant to understand why such a large number of people rely on these pills and why has it become a part of our daily lives. The simple answer could be the idea that multivitamins are beneficial in reducing the risk of heart and chronic disease. We all are well aware that a good percentage of people die yearly because of heart diseases and so the reasoning seems logical. However, the real question is whether vitamins help with such diseases, or is it just a misconception?

    To answer the question, one can say that things are still pretty unclear. One cannot say for sure, even after years of long-term research that vitamins are useful in reducing the risk of such diseases. On the other hand, it is also not completely verified if they are harmful in any way. Hence, it can be said that we have scientists and doctors on both sides of the picture. Some like to believe that having them added to your diet will be beneficial in the long run while others have researched how access to some specific vitamins can be harmful.

    The Truth

    While one cannot say with complete proximity of they are harmful or not, research has been proving enough that if not harmful, they don’t work as well, and even if they do, it is quite minimal and numerous other factors are involved when it comes to things as huge as heart diseases.

    Additionally, what most practitioners like to focus on is the fact that most of these nutrients can be easily obtained by a healthy diet. This is a very crucial point even though it may seem like a basic thing that all of us are certainly aware of. Well, when a person starts relying on these multivitamins, they tend to believe that all the required elements of their diet are getting fulfilled through these supplements which eventually leads to a poor diet because you are no longer concerned about it.

    Hence, what every individual needs to keep in mind is that even if you are prescribed a vitamin by your doctor, keep in mind that it is only because that specific vitamin is not being taken in the needed amount. While the pills can support you for a short time, it is recommended to take care of your diet and try to intake every nutrient through natural ways so that the supplements are not needed.

    The Exception

    Just like anything else, there is surely an exception to the intake of vitamins as well. After all, you can’t have such a huge industry running without any legitimate benefits. Hence, while most of the vitamins can be obtained through nutrient foods in a healthy diet, there are some exceptions in some particular scenarios where the intake of a specific vitamin may not only be beneficial but required as well!

    Vitamin D

    This is one of those vitamins which are hard to get through natural ways and is extremely significant for your bones, especially for women. While you can get the needed amount through sunlight, it can be an issue in winters. Hence, taking vitamin D supplements for that time is recommended. Although, you should still consult your doctor and get it checked so that they can guide you as to what your need is and what dose will be required, and for how long! There can also be a possibility that your deficiency requires you to take it every single day, so do get it checked before starting the supplement.

    Folic Acid

    Another exception is the folic acid intake for women who want to get pregnant or are in the initial weeks of their pregnancy. It not only is helpful but very much of a requirement for you and your baby as folic acid is responsible for making new cells in your body. Additionally, it has been proved through research that folic acid intake decreases the risk of neural-tube defects, and so, a pregnant woman should consult their doctors to know how much and when should they take the tablet.

    Our final call would surely be to try your best and include all the required nutrients in your diet through natural ways and to have a healthy meal three times a day so that you don’t require any extra pill to support your system for living a healthy life!