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How to Lose Belly Fat

    Tired of your flabby stomach? Your clothes don’t fit you, and even if they do the pooch is still visible. Your extra poundage makes you conscious of yourself in social gatherings and shatters your self-confidence.  As if this wasn’t enough, belly fat can prove to be quite detrimental to our health; it is a major risk factor for heart disease, diabetes, poor blood vessel functioning, stroke, dementia, and several other health conditions.

    We are not going to lie; belly fat is a total menace and losing it is a tough task. However, it is very much possible if you adopt the right strategies. We have compiled together a few tips you can follow and some changes you can bring to your lifestyle which will help you to eventually ditch the pesky belly fat.

    1. Consume Plenty of Soluble Fiber

    Soluble fiber readily absorbs water and helps food pass more slowly through your digestive tract, so that you feel full for a longer time and end up eating less. It also helps absorb fewer calories from the food you eat. If you make an effort to consume high fiber foods every day, you’re likely to notice positive changes in the long term, even if not right away. Foods that are rich in soluble fiber are flax seeds, Brussel sprouts, avocado, and blackberries.

    2. Avoid Sugary Foods, Processed Carbs, and Trans Fats

    An increase in your insulin level can result in an increase in your body’s fat percentage. This also reflects in the form of belly fat. Aside from spiking insulin levels, foods that are high in sugar and carbs have more calories. They are an absolute delight to eat, so you end up eating more, contributing to even more fat around your mid.

    Trans fats are found in foods like margarine and processed foods. They cause inflammation, heart diseases, abdominal fat gain, as well as insulin resistance. To avoid consuming this dangerous substance, look carefully at the ingredients before buying a food product.

    3. Do Cardio

    This is not only a great way to burn calories, studies show that it is also very effective for reducing belly fat if done on a frequent basis. Because aerobic exercise raises your heart rate and gets your muscles working, it helps you lose weight in all areas but is said to particularly slim your waistline. You could achieve this by either going jogging or swimming on a regular basis. However, high-intensive interval training or HIIT workouts are the most efficient at reducing belly fat. By moving your body and engaging in exercise you will not just lose existing belly fat, you will also be less likely to gain it back.

    4. Get Plenty of Sleep

    Not getting enough sleep makes you gain fat, especially in the belly area. Research shows that people who get 5 hours of sleep per night gain more weight than those who get 7 hours.

    It’s not just how much you sleep that matters, the quality of your sleep is important as well. If you think you might be suffering from a sleep condition, you should go see a doctor because poor sleep will affect your health in more ways than one.

    5. Drink More Water

    If you struggle with eating less, this is a handy little tip that should help you out. When you drink more water during your day, it will fill up your belly and you won’t feel the urge to eat more. You will also be more likely to stay alert and active, rather than lazing around.

    Of course, drinking has several other benefits to both your mental and physical health. It will also give you clearer skin. With the many benefits it provides, you simply can’t say no to increase your water intake.

    With a little hard work, you can say bye to the bulge. So, make sure you follow these tips to stay in shape and avoid some serious health risks.

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