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Signs Of Depression

    Depression is one of the most serious mental health conditions that adversely affect the way you function every day. Often, people associate depression with sadness. However, depression is more than just “blue feelings” or “negative thoughts”.  Depression is a mood disorder that decreases a person’s ability to perform adequately. A person with depression may lose interest in their daily activities and may prefer solidarity over the company. Let’s look at the signs and symptoms of depression in detail.

    1.    Hopelessness

    Depression can be an unforgiving illness that can affect anyone. Even the healthiest and the wealthiest may end up suffering from depression. A person with depression may find themselves in a black hole that has no end. They may feel pessimistic about their present as well as their future. Even if they are blessed with the best of things in life, they may still feel negative and hopeless in general.

    Note that the feeling of hopelessness often comes intertwined with emotions such as self-hate, worthlessness, and unnecessary guilt.

    2.    Anxiety

    Depressed people live their lives in extreme anxiety. They may often suffer from nervousness and restlessness, feelings of dread, panic attacks, rapid heartbeat, breathing problems, excessive sweating, and muscle twitching.

    3.    Insomnia or Staying Asleep

    People suffering from depression may have trouble falling asleep. They may stay awake late into the night, filled with dread and anxiety, worrying about their problems. Because of a lack of sleep, depressed individuals may not feel fresh and have a hard time focusing on everyday tasks.

    On the other hand, some depressed people prefer to continue sleeping longer than they should. They don’t feel like waking up; and once they do, they don’t feel up to scratch.

    4.    Drastic Changes in Appetite

    Individuals with acute depression may either lose their appetite or have an increased appetite. They may eat a lot and hence develop obesity or gain too much weight, or they stop eating completely and lose a lot of calories. Either way, these dietary changes are unhealthy and can give rise to additional health concerns.

    5.    Suicidal Thoughts

    A depressed person becomes suicidal when they lose all hope and optimism. They find no meaning or purpose in their life. If they fail to get the necessary treatment at the right time, they may take their own life.

    These are the top five signs and symptoms of depression. If you are going through depression or know someone who’s suffering from depression, get the clinical treatment as soon as possible. Don’t feel ashamed or be apologetic about your condition because at the end of the day it’s an illness just like any other common illness!