Signs of Depression

Depression is one of the most serious mental health conditions that adversely affect the way you function every day. Often, people associate depression with sadness. However, depression is more than just “blue feelings” or “negative thoughts”.  Depression is a mood disorder that decreases a person’s ability to perform adequately. A person with depression may lose interest in their daily activities and may prefer solidarity over the company. Let’s look at the signs and symptoms of depression in detail.

1.    Hopelessness

Depression can be an unforgiving illness that can affect anyone. Even the healthiest and the wealthiest may end up suffering from depression. A person with depression may find themselves in a black hole that has no end. They may feel pessimistic about their present as well as their future. Even if they are blessed with the best of things in life, they may still feel negative and hopeless in general.

Note that the feeling of hopelessness often comes intertwined with emotions such as self-hate, worthlessness, and unnecessary guilt.

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