4 Tips to Stay Limber

Although a natural process, aging is often seen as an unpleasant reality of life, primarily because it imposes a host of physical and mental limitations on a person. Out of all the constraints one has to face as they grow old, losing flexibility can be the most dispiriting because there is no medicinal cure to better it. For most age-related medical maladies, there are allopathic medications or equipment that somewhat restore an affected function in the body, such as using a hearing aid to continue hearing despite the loss. But when it comes to losing agility, no implement can restore a person’s flexibility, even temporarily. Therefore, most elders dread becoming stiff and susceptible to all sorts of pains and soreness.

While a person cannot bring back their supple muscles once atrophied, they can delay the loss by stretching daily and staying active. Whenever a machine is left unused for a minute, it gets rusty. Similarly, when the human body is left just to be, it becomes impaired because it’s nothing but a bunch of mechanisms strung together like in a machine. If you want to keep your limbs agile and your body in tiptop shape, you need to put in some effort.

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