Top Signs of Heart Disease

Heart disease is no joke, and the sooner that you learn the signs of heart disease, the better off you will be. Heart failure and cardiovascular disease kills 647,000 people annually in the United States. Learn these top ten warning signs of heart disease and put yourself on a better track to taking good care of your health.

Heartburn or Nausea

Heartburn can signal more than just a pesky pain. It can be a serious sign that your heart is trying to tell you something.

Women tend to experience more chronic heartburn and nausea leading up to a heart attack than men. If you find yourself suffering from persistent heartburn or nausea, especially if you haven’t eaten any strange foods or engaged in activities that generally give you these problems, make a note of it. Generally speaking, heartburn and nausea occur in conjunction with other items on this list.

Heart Palpitations

Heart palpitations during periods of rest are serious signs that something is wrong with your heart. Of course, it’s very common for your heart to race when you’re excited or have just finished working out, but it’s abnormal for you to experience these sorts of symptoms while your ticker is at rest. Heart palpitations feel a whole lot like your heart skipping a beat.

If you experience palpitations at rest, and you haven’t done anything like ingest a large amount of caffeine prior to the discomfort, you should speak with your doctor.

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