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Daily Exercises to Keep You Limber

    Aging comes with its own set of limitations, but perhaps the biggest constraint is the loss of mobility and strength. According to research, as people age from 30 to 80, around 30-50% of people lose strength and muscle mass. And this loss can lead to serious limitations on your mobility and flexibility.

    Fortunately, there are ways you can stay flexible, mobile, and healthy as you age. Below you find a list of 6 daily exercises that can keep you limber as you age.

    Neck Stretch

    Neck stretches can increase the range of motion and flexibility in the cervical region. Limited mobility of the neck can severely hamper your ability to perform daily tasks. But this simple neck stretch can significantly improve your neck flexibility.

    You can do neck stretches while sitting or standing. So in your preferred position, start by tilting your neck towards the left such that your ear faces your left shoulder. Make sure your shoulders are relaxed, and you don’t put in an effort to bring your shoulders towards your neck. In this position, you will feel a stretch on the right side of your neck muscles. Hold the position for 30-40 seconds and repeat on the other side. You don’t have to do this stretch once only; instead, make sure you repeat it 8-10 times every day.

    Cross Body Shoulder Stretch

    Your arms and shoulders are one of the most important parts of your body. With strong and flexible shoulders, you can easily lift weights with a wide range of motion and live an independent life. And for this, all you have to do is to incorporate shoulder stretch in your fitness routine. Shoulder stretch relieves tension in the neck and shoulder muscles, leaving them more flexible and strong.

    All you have to do is stand with your legs shoulder-width apart. With one arm above your elbow, use your other hand to pull it across your body towards the chest. You will feel a stretch in this position. Hold for 30-40 seconds and repeat with the other arm. Make sure you do almost 8-10 sets of this stretch for a loose and limber upper body.

    Calf Stretch

    Another great exercise that you have to do daily to maintain a flexible body is calf stretch. Calf stretches improve blood circulation in your lower body and increase your range of motion. These stretches also reduce the risk of various conditions of the lower body, including shin splints, and Achilles tendonitis.

    Start by standing straight in front of a wall. Your right leg should be in front of the left leg with both arms resting at the wall. Now stretch your left leg with your right leg bend and hold the position for up to 30 seconds. Repeat with your right leg and make sure you do almost 8-10 sets of calf stretches for stronger calf muscles.

    Hamstring Stretch

    The hamstring is one of the most critical muscles in your body. It allows you to walk, jump, run, and control trunk movements. And with a tight hamstring, you cannot maintain a good posture. Also, you are more likely to develop a backache; something that can seriously affect your quality of life. And you can easily avoid all these problems simply by stretching your hamstrings.

    You can do this stretch while standing or sitting, and you can even stretch your hamstring as you rile down on the floor. To perform a standing hamstring stretch, stand straight with your feet joined together. Now with your arms extended, aim for reaching your toes while keeping your back straight. It might be difficult in the beginning, but as you practice more, it will be easier for you to touch your toes.

    Spine Stretch

    The spine supports your entire body, and stiff back muscles can seriously affect your mobility. With stiff back muscles, you don’t only experience difficulty in walking, but other very critical day-to-day tasks (such as using a toilet) may become impossible. So without wasting any more time, try this spine stretch for a stronger back and a better life.

    Sit on the floor with your legs extended forward, keeping your back straight. With your arms stretched and pointing towards your toes, bend forward. You don’t aim to touch your toes instead, target at stretching as far as you can. Hold the position for 30-40 seconds and repeat this stretch 8-10 times.

    Hip Stretch

    Hips are an integral part of your body. They support your body weight, aid in movement, and surprisingly, release stress. And with a simple hip stretch, you can get all these advantages.

    Not many people know that variations of squats are an excellent hip stretch. Start with standing keeping your feet hip-distance apart. Now bend your knees and hold your toes with your hands. Now straighten your legs and repeat the movement. Every time you bend, hold the position for 30-40 seconds. Stand again and repeat 8-10 times.

    Even if you are not working out regularly, you can easily incorporate these 6 daily exercises into your fitness routine. You can do them at home, without any equipment, and they are safe when performed either before or after a workout. These 6 simple exercises are ideal for anyone who wish to stay strong and flexible during the golden years of their life.