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Fast Growing Vegetables

    Eating the right foods is one of the best ways to stay healthy. Creating a vegetable garden is a great way to add more produce to your diet without the hefty prices found at your local grocery store. When you get ready to plant your garden, it is important to have some fast-growing vegetables in the mix so you’re not waiting around forever for something to grow.

    7 Fast Growing Vegetables for Your Vegetable Garden


    All turnips can be great, but the Hakurei turnip is really easy to grow and can be ready in just a few weeks. Within a month after seeding, they can be ready to dig up and eat. The sweet roots are great to add to a salad, while the greens are good for stir-fries the whole family is sure to love.


    There are three main types of spinach you can enjoy, including smooth-leaf, semi-savoy, and savoy. Space and Corvair are great options here. They both have round and oval leaves that are small and compact, allowing them to maintain high-quality the whole season while growing quickly. And they help you get plenty of your leafy greens.

    Baby Carrot

    Pick the right baby carrots to grow in your garden. There are many imposters out there, but Adelaide stays true to form. With three to four-inch-long roots and a mild flavor, you are sure to fall in love with this carrot. Not only does it taste good, but the roots are also some of the earliest to mature. It is common to pull these carrots out within seven weeks of planting.

    Cherry Belle Radish

    For the past 60 years, this radish has been a standard in most gardens. There are many reasons for this, including an extra-early harvest of roots with crisp flesh and cherry red skin. After you finish seeding, you’ll be ready to harvest this radish in less than 25 days, making it possible to grow several harvests in one year.


    Add some peppery flavoring to your salads with the help of Arugula. This is a gourmet green, but it only takes three weeks to grow and harvest. Grow as much arugula as you would like, and when you are done with the greens, allow a few of the plants to continue growing and flowering. The dainty blossoms that will appear are safe to eat and can add some pretty colors to the rest of the salads you enjoy.

    Leaf Lettuce

    Gardens are not complete without some leaf lettuce in them. A gardener can have their pick from many types of lettuce. For those looking for speed though, leaf lettuce is the best. From seeding to harvest only takes six weeks. There are also a variety of leaf colors and textures to pick from. Some good options to choose include Merlot, Black Seeded Simpson, and Red Salad Bowl.

    It is best to start sowing seeds in the early spring and then add some more every few weeks through the summer to keep the lettuce coming in fresh. Lettuce is great since you can chop off the head in the amount you need and it will continue to grow. Fast and efficient: that’s what makes lettuce perfect for any garden.

    Snap Green Pea

    If you are a fan of some of the leafy greens we discussed in this article, don’t forget to add the petite snap green pea to your garden. It is a newer variety that is grown because it provides dense clusters and edible leaves, though the peas and pods are a good addition as well. It is easy to sow the seeds of this plant in beds or pots, and as soon as you notice the leafy tendrils, it is time to begin harvesting.

    Other Fast Growing Vegetables

    Other choices you might want to consider include:

        • Patio Pride Pea
        • Payload Squash
        • Korist Kohlrabi

    Growing your own vegetable garden is a great way to stay healthy. Not only does it help you get more of the good nutrition your body needs, but it also makes it easier to get outside and enjoy some fresh air and sunshine. For more tips on gardening and other home projects, visit us at Aging Healthy Today to learn more about how to improve and maintain your health, no matter your age or medical history.