Is Expensive Shampoo Better?

There are always plenty of hair care options in the aisles of your big box store, pharmacy, or even grocery store, and the sticker shock may have struck you with some of them. Is expensive shampoo better? You want the best for your hair, but do you really need to pay $50 or more for hair products, especially if you don’t have an obvious hair loss issue? Understanding why that bottle of shampoo is so expensive will help you determine if it’s worth paying for.

1. Ingredients

Some expensive shampoos contain ingredients meant to nourish the hair, and this is part of their price tag. Inexpensive shampoos may have a few of these, but they contain more fillers and water.
When choosing your shampoo, check out the back to see the ingredients. Water should not be at the top of the list. Look for ingredients like vitamin A and vitamin K. Argan oil is a particularly good ingredient to see, and the more of it there is in shampoo, the more expensive the shampoo will be.


2. Cleansing Power

Obviously you want a shampoo that can clean the oil and buildup out of your hair. The cleaning agents in inexpensive shampoos are often harsh and can lead to damaged hair and accelerated hair fall. You want enough cleansing to help get rid of the oils and dirt, but not enough to cause damage.
Cheaper shampoos are made with sulfates, parabens, and similar ingredients, and that’s what you want to avoid. These are harsh on your skin and your hair, causing excessive dryness.
A little bit of dryness helps us determine that the hair is thoroughly washed and ready to take in all the nutrients that a good conditioner will supply, but even after you use a blow dryer on wet hair, good shampoo offers some heat protection. If you find your hair feeling dry and frizzy every time you take a tooth comb to it, the problem could be partly inferior shampoo.

3. The Molecule Size

Most of the really expensive shampoos have smaller molecules than the cheap stuff, and they are more expensive because they’re harder to make. The smaller the molecule, the deeper it can move into the hair to make it clean.
Inexpensive shampoos tend to rely on larger molecules to keep the costs down, but they’re not the best in terms of quality or effectiveness. Pricier shampoos are going to give you a better clean with less product, meaning a cheap shampoo could actually be a false economy. And molecule size isn’t the only reason expensive shampoos last longer…


4. More Real Ingredients

Since inexpensive shampoos contain mostly water, you need to use a lot more of the product to even get your hair clean. You can go through a bottle quickly, and it may cost more over the long-term than choosing an expensive shampoo. Quality shampoos have all the nutrients your hair needs and in a more concentrated form.
While we’re talking about saving money, don’t fall for the gimmick of the “two-in-one” shampoos with supposed conditioning agents, though. Shampoo and conditioner are made to do very different things. Combining them really doesn’t work.

5. Fewer Showers

When you choose the inexpensive shampoos, you may need to wash your hair every day. The few nutrients found in these solutions will not keep the hair clean for long, and because they have inferior cleaning power, your hair isn’t getting as clean as it could.
Since the nutrients and the smaller molecules get deep down in the hair to clean it off, expensive shampoos usually mean fewer cleaning sessions. While good hygiene is important, it is nice to know your hair really can stay clean for a few days without looking greasy or messy.

If you are one of those people who doesn’t feel compelled to wash their hair every day, getting quality shampoo will make this even easier.


Should I Purchase the Most Expensive Shampoo?

So, is expensive shampoo better? Yes! Yet many people assume that if expensive is better, then the most expensive must be the best choice for their hair care! That’s not always the case.
There are some great shampoo options that do not cost $50 a bottle or more. If you’re looking for a good place to start, professional stylists recommend Malin + Goetz for all-around usefulness. If your hair type is “frizzy,” try Davines Love Smoothing Shampoo.  If you struggle with dry hair, try this offering from Aveda.

While you don’t need to automatically grab the most expensive bottle on the shelf, go for something that has all the ingredients you need for truly healthy hair. For more tips on hair care and everything else, visit Aging Healthy Today.


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2 thoughts on “Is Expensive Shampoo Better?”

  1. Since I also color my hair, I don’t want to waste losing the vibrance of the color by using a shampoo and conditioner that will also strip color along with the oil and dirt off my hair. I look for a product that will remove the environmental damage to my hair but also stimulate my scalp, another area that needs to be taken care of to ensure my hair remains healthy. Since I don’t wash my hair daily and sometimes not even weekly when I do, I want a product that matches my needs, so I invest in a good product that can’t be brought off regular store shelves because they are specially formulated to do what they claim and worth every penny spent. With the better-formulated shampoo/conditioner, I use less and get my money’s worth.

  2. Hi
    I am a pro in the field of beauty, and the answear in no about hair products , things sold accros the counter are sometimes better and price is much better .
    In your large salons hair dressers are made to pressure you make you flll cheap if you don,t purchase!
    I have wanted to say this for a long time because i know the truth !
    So do what makes you feel better , this is the key !


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