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6 Edible Foods Found In The Woods

    There are many ways to stay healthy, and one of the best ways to get your exercise and enjoy some sunshine is to take a walk through the woods. While you are out there, you may be curious about all the plants you’re seeing, and many of the plants and flowers you find on the trail are edible and can be a tasty treat. Here are 6 edible foods found in the woods you should try the next time you are on a healthy nature walk.


    The first of the edible wild plants you can enjoy is the humble dandelion. You can find dandelions all over your own yard, and you may even pay money to get rid of the weed. Despite the bad name this flower has gotten over the years, the whole plant is edible. You can eat the roots, leaves, and flowers any time you need a snack, either at home or in the woods.
    It is easy to notice the dandelion, and you can recognize it by the short leaves and a round yellow or orange head that opens up during the night. If you stay outside long enough, you will notice that the plant closes up and goes to sleep. Enjoy this as a tasty side to any salad you would like, or all on its own, and see how delicious it can be. Just don’t eat dandelions from your yard if you use pesticides, weed killers, or fertilizers that aren’t food-grade on your lawn.



    While appearances can be deceiving, if you had to make a decision based just on the way a plant looked, then chicory would be on the top of your list. This is a member of the dandelion plant family, and the bright blue flowers make it really easy to find and enjoy.
    There are several parts of the chicory bush you can enjoy. The flowers and the leaves can be eaten raw if you need a quick snack while in the woods. The roots are edible, but boil before you consume to make sure they are safe.

    Forget Me Not

    Forget me nots are a beautiful blue flower that many people are familiar with. What most don’t realize is that they are completely safe to consume if you find them in the woods. Just the name of this herb should put your mind at ease. The flowers on this plant are tender, minuscule, and blue in color, though there is some variety in the color you will find.
    While the flowers are small, there are often many clustered together, making it easier to find them. They are the most common in the spring. If you choose to eat this herb, the flowers are the edible part and make a very safe and delicious snack to enjoy.


    Wild Black Cherry

    Nothing is better than some cherries from the woods, and wild black cherry is a great option. Your taste buds should be humming at the thought of this. If you find this black cherry, you can enjoy a little bit, but try not to overdo it. The seeds contain compounds that your body can convert into cyanide, so eating too much may make you feel sick. Enjoying a little bit can be a good way to get your vitamin C and some healthy sweetness, though.


    You must live in the right areas to find this plant, but when you do, you will be happy to have something so tasty to enjoy. Elderberry is found mostly in the temperate to the subtropical regions of the world. While most choose to cultivate this species to use as ornaments, you may find you enjoy the taste of the flower.
    The elderberry has a flower and fruit on it, and both are edible. The raw fruit does not have the best taste, though. You know the fruit is ripe when it has a purplish-black color to it. This is a sign that you can enjoy the fruit and the leaves. Only eat those two parts, though, because the rest of the bush is toxic, like the seeds unless cooked.


    Red Clover

    This is one of the tastiest of all the clovers, providing a little spice to any meal. It has a reddish top that comes from many different tubular-shaped flowers. The leaves are edible if you need them, but the main flower is what you should look most forward to consuming.
    Finding edible foods to enjoy from the woods is a great way to get more nutrients and try something new without having to spend a lot of money. Visit us at Aging Healthy Today to learn more tips to help you keep healthy and active at any age.