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7 Great Tasting Iced Herbal Teas

    When the heat of summer comes around, it’s time for tea-lovers to shake up their tea routines. While many staunch tea aficionados are firm in their belief that tea should be served hot, there are plenty of iced herbal tea recipes that can rival your favorite hot brew. Serving tea over ice can be a fun, invigorating way to get the tea you love and beat the heat, and contrary to popular belief, iced teas don’t have to be loaded down with tons of sugar, either! Let’s explore some of our favorite iced herbal tea recipes!

    We’ve done the hard work for you to narrow down the top contenders for the best tasting iced herbal teas. The 7 great tasting iced herbal teas on our list are all about capturing the flavor of summer without drowning the tea in sugar. These recipes are all healthy, full of antioxidants and electrolytes, and are easy to customize to your preferred tastes or caffeine intensity.

    1. Peach Ginger Green Tea

    What’s more summery than a Georgia peach? If you’re in love with the tangy-sweetness of peaches, then peach ginger green tea is right up your alley. Making this tea is a simple matter of hunting down the right combination of teabags. You can take a short cut by finding ginger green tea bags at your supermarket and brewing as normal, then adding peach juice or freshly-muddled peaches before pouring the tea over ice.

    2. Blueberry Lavender White Tea

    Blueberries are rich in antioxidants, lavender is soothing and calming to the mind, and white tea is low in caffeine with a subtle, sweet taste that pairs well with this healthy iced brew. You may be able to find blueberry tea, but we recommend using blueberry powder – usually freeze-dried – or blueberry juice blended into your white tea. This tea is best when the lavender is steeped along with the white tea to really infuse the delicate herbal flavors together.

    3. Blackberry Mint Tea

    Another fruit high in antioxidants are blackberries, which are in season right at the height of summer. Whether you’re using blackberry juice or muddling blackberries yourself, you can create a refreshing tea that pairs well with white, green, and black brews. You can also skip the caffeine and simply steep mint tea to combine with the blackberries.

    4. Rosehip Hibiscus Apple Tea

    Rosehip tea and hibiscus teas are both sweetly floral flavors that become great bases for delicate, subtly sweet iced herbal teas. You can offset some of the sweetness with the tartness of apple juice as well as brew this tea with green tea or white tea to kick up the flavor and the caffeine. Sourcing rosehip tea can be found online, either in loose tea leaves or as rosehip buds that you muddle yourself. Likewise, hibiscus tea can be found in individual teabags at your local store.

    5. Cherry Black Tea

    Black tea is high in caffeine, giving it a rich flavor that pairs well with loud, tart-sweet flavors such as cherries. To make this, just brew black tea with boiling water and combine it with cherry juice. You can also add cocoa powder to this brew, or cinnamon to make the flavor more complex.

    6. Lemon-Lime MatchaTea

    Matcha tea is a type of powdered green tea that makes for excellent cold beverages on hot days. Matcha has a light flavor that is complimented nicely by citrus flavors, particularly lemon and lime. Brew matcha tea as normal, then add ice and fresh-squeezed lemon or lime, then shake to blend the flavors well.

    7. Cranberry Pomegranate Tea

    Both cranberries and pomegranates are rich in antioxidants and have a tart, slightly sweet flavor that pairs well with most teas. Making this tea is as easy as steeping your preferred white, black, or green tea bags and then combining the brew with cranberry-pomegranate juice. You can also pour this tea over ice and maraschino cherries or pomegranate seeds for extra flavor.
    So, why should you try any of these 7 great-tasting iced herbal tea recipes? Each of these iced herbal tea recipes captures the taste of summer and are refreshing, healthy ways to stay hydrated in the heat. The health benefits of tea are numerous, so when you can combine those benefits with additional punches of herbs and fruits you can be sure that you – and your family – are indulging in healthy low-sugar beverages to beat the summer heatwave and stay cool under the sun all day long.