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6 Ways To Keep Your Eyes Healthy

    We all know how important our eyes are, but only a few take measures to keep their eyes healthy. As a person’s age increases, it is only natural that the risk of various eye and vision-related problems increases. Fortunately, it is possible to minimize this risk by taking care of your eyes. By following these six tips, you can stay independent as you age and continue to enjoy the simple, colorful pleasures of life.

    A Balanced Diet

    You are what you eat. This applies to your entire body, including your eyes. If you take a balanced diet that is rich in nutrients, including omega-3 fatty acids, zinc, vitamins C and E, and lutein, then you can significantly reduce your risk of developing age-related vision problems, including cataracts. Therefore, fill up your plates with a lot of green vegetables, fatty fish, eggs, nuts, and oranges right away.

    Also, by taking a balanced diet, you can reduce your risk of developing chronic conditions such as Type 2 diabetes, which is also one of the most common causes of various conditions of the eyes, including glaucoma and blindness.


    Get Regular Eye Exams

    A detailed, regular eye examination can save you from a lot of conditions of the eye. This does not mean getting an eye exam only when you have any problem with your eyesight. It means that you schedule a regular checkup for your eyes once or twice a year. By being proactive, you can easily detect any problem with your eyes ahead of time. Early diagnosis results in quick treatment and better recovery from any potential condition of the eyes.

    Get Moving (Your Eyes)

    A whole-body exercise is a must for general fitness and also for your eyes. It improves the circulation of blood in the entire body, including the eyes, and also helps in the removal of toxins. However, there are specific exercises of the eye that are as important as whole-body exercises. You can find out about a number of exercises for your eyes that you try at home to strengthen the muscles supporting the eyeball. This will help you take off stress from your eyes and make your eyes feel better.

    Wear Sunglasses

    If your eyes get a lot of outdoor exposure, you need the right pair of sunglasses to protect your eyes against ultraviolet (UV) rays. Too much exposure to the sun without an effective pair of sunglasses can significantly increase your risk of developing cataracts. So make sure you wear recommended sunglasses to keep your eyes safe.

    Devices that Emit Blue Light

    Whether you are at work or at home, being glued to the screen is the new norm. These devices emit blue light that can lead to various conditions of the eyes. While our eyes may help filter blue light, it only does so if our diet is rich in lutein and zeaxanthin (two nutrients that are essential for eye health). So make sure your diet is rich in these micronutrients. Also, try some of the following tips if you spend most of your time in front of the television, laptop, computer, or smartphone.

      • Maintain enough distance between the device and your eyes. The recommended distance is 20″-24″
      • Adjust the device’s brightness
      • Take small, frequent breaks
      • Use artificial lubrication of the eyes

    Quit Smoking

    With smoking comes a number of undesirable effects on the mind and body. Smoking increases the risk of cardiovascular diseases. It also leads to an increased risk of different types of cancers, including lung cancer and prostate cancer. However, that is not it. Smoking can have damaging effects on your eye health. It makes you more prone to cataracts and damage to the optic nerve, along with many other complicated conditions of the eyes. If you are a regular smoker, it is a good idea to quit smoking and keep your eyes healthy in the long run.

    Your eyes are the most critical sensory organ. It is because of your eyes that you can enjoy looking at the smiles of your loved one and the beautiful sunsets at the beach. While aging has its implications for all your sensory organs, including your eyes, it is possible to keep them healthy as you age. By incorporating these six healthy habits in your life, you can continue to live an independent life and enjoy seeing whatever is happening around you.