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Senior Services You Didn’t Know

    List of Benefits for Senior Services You Didn’t Know Till Now!!

    Being in isolation and maintaining social distancing is a tricky task, and during this COVID-19, everyone came to know how being isolated and staying back at home feels like. Senior citizens are often facing the same situation when they are isolated by the family and sent to the senior cares. There are a number of benefits for senior services, so if you are not sure about what they are, stay tuned and read the article till the end.

    Earlier senior centers were boring, and life at these social cares was monotonous and no fun, but these days’ senior centers have changed a lot. No more blaring Television and repetitive bingo and shuffleboard games to keep yourself busy for the whole day.

    One can avail of the discounted senior services and enjoy life with more fun and delight in a friendly atmosphere at the high cares!!

    Seniors after age 50 don’t have to worry; instead, they should save money and enjoy the perks of beneficial services that the government provides to the senior citizens. So after retirement at age 50 and older, you can relax and enjoy the services that the government offers to its citizens for a better life.


    Anyone after age 50+ can get benefits of Senior Services:

    To join social care, you don’t have to have any Medicare policies; anyone who is age 50 or older can go to social care and ask for shelter.

    Several Medicare companies offer a discount to the senior citizens, and with these benefits, they can enjoy services at a cost-effective price; also government does a lot for the retired people and provide offers on several services.

    How to know who can avail of the senior services?       

    Well, there is no such defined category that says the person is old or not, but at some senior service centers, they considered a person old who has passed a century that is age 50 or older. It may differ with the companies you are dealing with, so have a fixed perception about the age limit, and instead, it’s better to consult at the services centers and clear the doubt.

    Most western industrialized nations consider a person old at the age of 60 or age 65 as this is the average aging limit when most of the Americans retire and rely on assistance programs for better living and discounted services.

    An elderly person who has retired and works no more is considered a senior person and vice versa. A senior citizen is considered more experienced and wise as they have already accomplished raising their family, had an escalating carrier, and finally retires with the slow pace of life.

    What are the discounted senior services and how to avail?

    There are several places where senior citizens can get a discount and save each penny for other expenditures. Numerous restaurants, grocery stores, hotels, movie tickets, and much more, senior people can then avail of the discount at so many places and enjoy the premium quality services.

    American Association for Retired Persons (AARP) is an American non-profit company that helps elderly or senior people with offer discounts, so one can become a member of AARP and get benefited from several discounts that the company offers to its member. Once you become a member of AARP, you are all geared up for the benefit programs and avail to get discounts on health insurance, car insurance, offers at grocery stores, and whatnot.

    List of Remarkable senior benefits age services that you are not familiar with:


    1. Amazing discounts on Grocery Stores:

    For seniors who age 55+ or 65+, there are several offers on food items, as today the cost of living is prohibitive, and offers on high-pricing food items can be a real help. So now if you are a senior citizen and next time, you visit any local grocery store then avail of the applicable offers. American Discount Stores, The Plant Shed offers a 10% discount to all its senior citizen customers, and unlike them, other stores offer 5% to 10 % offers on the food items.


    2. Get Offers on Car Insurance:

    To claim a discount on car insurance, you need to have a history of clean driving. Some companies offer 50 to 55 percent off for clean driving records, so if you want to avail of the car insurance, then you must have a clean record.

    3. Health and Life Insurance Benefits:

    At the retirement age, health and insurance policies are a must need to enjoy life to its fullest. But with retirement comes a lack of debit resources, and at this age where you already have income limits, you surely don’t want to worry about money and health altogether. The NCOA has several offers for senior citizens that help with health check-ups and other health insurance benefits.


    4. Travel Breaks and Exciting Social Events:

    Traveling relaxes our mind and freshen up the souls and works for years; you might not get the chance to travel the world. Senior citizens are given several benefits on traveling as it helps for fresh health and mental mindset. AARP offers a number of travel insurance that covers sudden health problems while traveling, so if you are traveling make sure you have insurance covering all the health issues.


    5. Offers at Movies Tickets and OTT Platforms:

    Are you home alone and getting bored and don’t know what to do then you can go out for a movie date. It is obvious to get bored at this age of 65 when you might either live alone or with your partner, then a movie date is a must for mood change, and if you get offers on your movie tickets, then it’s an extravagance opportunity.  Also, for senior citizens, the online streaming platforms have free access, therefore asking for discounts is no shame as it’s a chance to save money, and if you get discounts on any services, then you must surely avail of it.

    6. Special Discounts at Restaurants and Hotels:

    If you love going out and travel, you will surely want to know how to get benefited from amazing offers at the restaurants and the hotels. Seniors are given 20 to 30 percent discounts at several hotels, so you can save a lot of money while eating out or traveling to different locations.


    Therefore if you are of age 50 or older, then you can claim for all the discounts and offers, and get benefited. Of course, after retirement, every penny counts, and if you get a chance to save it, then surely it’s the icing on the cake.

    What are the financial struggles for senior citizens?

    A senior citizen is an elderly person who is now retired and doesn’t work, so income is almost nil after retirement. Now comes the real struggle for living when one stops working and has limited revenue, although if a senior has saved for all his life for better retirement life, then things may be easy.

    Taking social service benefits and Medicare services after the age of 55, seniors can get a lot of benefits and lessen the struggle of living. Remember, it is not free; a reasonable amount is charged per month, and only then can you enjoy the discounted services.

    What are Federal Poverty Guidelines?

    The Federal Poverty level is a poverty line measure that is used to estimate the income limits of the family or an individual and qualifies whether or not they are applicable for the federal programs and benefits.

    Department of Health and Human Services issues a defined income measure every year and federal poverty levels conclude the eligible users for taking benefits of the services that they offer on the health insurance and medical coverage.

    Both Federal Poverty Guidelines and Federal Poverty Level are the same and define the poverty lines and determine who all can claim for the benefits and services.

    What is social security for senior citizens?

    Supplement Security Income (SSI) makes sure to take care of senior citizens’ social security and provides financial help to the deprived senior people who have limited debit and no income source. For senior people, approximately $450 per month pension is provided as a help. Social security benefits are not based on the prior income as the government decides it and directly sends the payment to the needy, and he or she can use this amount for the food, shelter, or day-care according to their need. So the older adults who have no income and are unable to work part-time to bear out their daily needs can ask for help from SSI.

    SSI has an eligibility criterion, depending on which the citizen is considered aged and needy. To get the benefit of security services, you have to prove your citizenship and have written residential proof, age certificate, and income and assets proof. If all this information is accurate and precise, then SSI approves the citizen as needy and penurious. This way, the income of older adults are balanced and composed of better living and fulfilling their daily needs.

    Now, the life of a senior citizen is much more comfortable and stable than it used to be a few years ago. As the government takes care of its citizen by providing several discounted services and social security services that provide them monthly pension amounts and help get offers that they can avail at services public stores.