Exercises To Help Your Balance

Our entire body functions to maintain our balance. This balance becomes all the more important when you enter the later phase of your life. You can always improve on your balance of you practice some very simple exercises. It just doesn’t matter much if you are a beginner at working out or are an expert at fitness, each and every person can benefit from the workout plans aimed at improving stability.

With age, you face an array of problems that affect the capacity of maintaining your balance. Furthermore, medical conditions like Alzheimer’s disease, arthritis, Parkinson’s disease, heart ailments, and multiple sclerosis eventually reduce their capacity to maintain balance and stability and also hinder their movements. This type of imbalance can be very problematic and cause even serious injury due to falls.

The elders also suffer from other ailments other than the chronic ailments which make them prone to falls. These can be medication side effects, decreased eyesight, cataract, and basic decline in muscle strength due to age. The body of the seniors also takes time to recover and repair itself. So it is always an excellent move to start your self-engaging in exercise and moderate workout routine that is designed to improve on coordination and balance. So here are some exercises to help our balance for the seniors.


1. The tightrope walk:

The tightrope is one of the best exercises for enhancing balance, core strength, and posture. It is also a simple workout and hence is easily doable by the elderly.

The items needed for tightrope workout:

    •   Good pair of sneakers
    •   One efficient trainer

This workout requires no equipment by any stretch of the imagination. You should simply hold your arms out straight from your sides, ensuring they are corresponding to the floor. Stroll in a straight line, stopping for one to two seconds each time you lift a foot off the ground. Concentrate on a spot out there to assist you with keeping your head straight and keep up your equalization. Make 15 to 20 strides with these instructions before proceeding onward to another workout.

The tightrope walk ought to be performed under supervision. Thus, the individual checking you can keep tally the number of steps they make. They can likewise persuade you if you want to abandon the workout.

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