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Why Is Weight Training Important As You Age?

    An active lifestyle with regular physical activity is a prerequisite for a healthy life. Exercise reduces your risk of developing various health conditions and helps you live longer and happier. While many people consider jogging, walking, swimming, or cycling as adequate physical activity, people, especially older adults, seldom consider strength training. But this one is worth considering. Here are a few reasons why strength training should be incorporated into your routine, especially as you age.

    Helps Maintain and Even Gain Muscle Mass


    As you age, you tend to lose your muscle mass. This natural condition known as sarcopenia begins to affect people as they reach around the age of 30. Muscle mass continues to grow in the earlier years of life, but by the time you reach your 30s, you tend to lose muscle mass. And this loss of muscle mass is a progressive condition that increases at a much higher rate as you reach the 60s and beyond. While strength training does not stop this process, it slows down the rate. In some cases, strength training has not only helped in maintaining muscle mass, but people have shown an increase in muscle mass as they age. And with more and stronger muscles, you will perform better at whatever you are doing, whether it is cycling, running or swimming, or simply living an independent, mobile life.

    Aids in Weight Loss

    Want to shed those extra pounds? Add weight training. Though weight training helps maintain or even gain muscle mass, it helps burn more calories compared to any other aerobic exercise. So as you maintain your muscles, it is possible to shed the extra layer of fat around your waist by incorporating weight training.


    Enhances Body Mechanics

    As people age, it is only normal to have a distorted balance. This increases the risk of falling and fall-related injury. By adding weight training to your routine, you not only enhance fitness but also improve body balance and muscle coordination. According to research, older adults who regularly incorporate weight training in their fitness regime have a 40% lesser risk of falls and associated injuries than those who do not do weight training exercises.

    Boosts Energy Levels


    As you age, it is only natural to experience a drop in your energy levels. But do you want to be those high-spirited oldies around you? Try weight training. While all types of workouts have a positive effect on mood, weight training, in particular, elevates endorphins to a much higher level. As you feel energetic throughout the day, it is only natural to sleep better at night.

    With weight training, you not only look better, but you also feel happier and live longer. Get started today, so you get the best results for your body.