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10 Father’s Day Gift Ideas


    Are you searching for a Fathers Day gift idea for your physically active dad, or looking for ways to help him to get off the couch and get fit? There are many high-tech products available that will make great gift ideas to keep dad moving or encourage him to be more active.

    1. Fitness Tracker

    Gifting dad a fitness tracker will help him track his daily activity. They not only keep track of the number of steps he takes per day but may also monitor heart rate, track the number of miles covered, and monitor sleep patterns.

    Aged sporty man checking his fitness tracker

    2. Smart Water Bottle

    You can help your dad stay hydrated with a smart water bottle. These bottles work through apps connected to Bluetooth and will track water intake. Some even light up to remind him to take a drink.


    3. Personal Training Sessions

    Does your dad want to get in shape but needs some guidance and encouragement? Personal training sessions purchased from a local gym may be just what he needs. An experienced trainer will guide him safely down the path to getting fit.

    4. Genetic Testing Kit

    DNA testing kits can do more than reveal your ethnic heritage and locate family members. Some include health predisposition reports that will reveal if he has genetic variants that could indicate a risk of developing certain health conditions.

    5. Balance Ball Chair

    A man that sits in an office chair all day may benefit from a balance ball chair. The exercise ball that makes up the chair’s seat requires the user to engage trunk muscle to balance. This results in increased core strength and improved posture.

    6. Wireless Headphones

    Wireless headphones are more convenient when exercising simply because there are no wires to get in the way. Your dad can listen through Bluetooth on his phone to music, talk radio or podcasts while working out, jogging or hiking.


    7. Fitness Apps

    There are many health and fitness apps that do everything from tracking steps to tracking calories that would make great Father’s Day gifts, and they are available for all devices. You can gift your dad an app through the App Store or through Google Play.

    8. Waterproof Camera

    If your dad loves to be around water, a waterproof camera may be a great gift for a swimmer, snorkeler, or even an avid fisherman. These cameras have made great strides in quality and can take amazing videos and still photos in single or time-lapse modes. Most have long battery life and will provide up to 90 minutes of continuous recording.


    9. Portable GPS Tracker

    For the dad who loves to hike, a GPS tracker he can wear as a watch may be an ideal gift. With this device, he can easily map his path and keep track of all his hiking routes. Some features of these trackers include GPS coordinates, altitude readings, and sunrise and sunset times.

    10. Wireless Speakers

    A dad who loves the outdoors may enjoy a set of wireless speakers. Dad will be able to take music and sports broadcasts with him while camping, fishing or just working out in the yard. These lightweight Bluetooth speakers that connect to his phone are portable and easy to move around, and many are also waterproof.


    Encourage your dad to get up and go this Father’s Day with some of these great gift ideas. For more on helping Dad stay healthy, stay tuned to Aging Healthy Today for more.