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7 Healthy Ways To Deal With Worry

    It seems that everywhere you look, there is a reason to worry. People are divided over politics, no matter which direction you lean. Civil unrest is prevalent as these groups continue to clash over and over. The next time you feel your stress level rising, take a minute to try one of these seven healthy ways to deal with worry and bring peace into your life.

    1. Turn Off The News


    Modern technology is great. You can have nearly instant access to things that are going on around the world -literally as they happen. But when the world is filled with strife and civil unrest, that can be a bad thing. Avoid anxiety by skipping the nightly news broadcast.

    2. Take A Walk

    Nature has been known for its therapeutic properties. It can calm and soothe troubled minds, reduce stress and anxiety, and even help ease symptoms of depression. Research shows that as little as 20 minutes spent outside can be an effective way to help you deal with worry.

    3. Get Creative

    Take the time to make something. Being creative helps you relax and de-stress. It also builds confidence as you make something out of nothing. It doesn’t matter if you play an instrument, paint, or design computer programs, either. The simple art of stretching and challenging yourself with the creative process has positive benefits that can help you conquer worry and focus on something productive.

    4. Spend Time With Friends

    There is a lot to be said about spending time with friends. While you may need to adapt how you interact with others, it is important to maintain those connections during stressful times. Let your friends serve as an impromptu support group as you lift each other up.

    5. Avoid Talking About Politics

    No matter how strong your opinions are, resist the urge to get into a debate with others over your political views. Yelling and shaming are not the best ways to get your ideas across, and political conversations quickly devolve into that during times of political and civil unrest. State your position, if you must, and leave it at that.

    6. Work Up A Sweat

    Blow off some steam at the gym or by jogging. Outdoor exercise is a great option if you want to reap the extra benefits of nature. When you physically exert yourself, your body produces endorphins that help you feel elated and relaxed. A bonus: exercise helps you achieve better health outcomes.

    7. Unplug From Social Media

    While a social support system is great, social media’s artificial lens can do more emotional harm than good. People quickly share views and opinions on these platforms that they never would in person, thanks to a false sense of detachment and anonymity. Take a break for a week or so to feel the difference. If you must stay connected, turn off notifications and check feeds once a day instead of continuously.

    Negativity is circulating all around. It causes worry and anxiety for many people. Try not to focus on the bad by minimizing polarizing conversations, disturbing news coverage, and opinionated social media posts. Instead, take positive steps to better your emotional health, such as exercising, spending time outside, and embracing your creative side. And for more tips on how to get and stay healthy, follow Aging Healthy Today!