8 Ways To Catch Covid-19 Outside

In this article we will talk about places to avoid now that your city is reopening. You now get the opportunity to get back to normal and enjoy all your city has to offer. You can connect with friends but the key is to avoid the unwanted exposure to coronavirus. COVID-19 can easily be transmitted from person to person. Read this post about the 8 ways to catch coronavirus when outside so that you are prepared and can protect yourself.

#1 Crowded Areas

Now that more parks, trails, beaches, sidewalks, markets, and streets are open, these areas will be more densely populated, making people closer to each other. It would be a good idea to avoid such densely populated areas. You should consider carrying around a mask, in case you find yourself in a situation where you are surrounded by people.

#2 Personal Items

Think about all the surfaces you touch. Once you touch something outside or inside it can easily be transferred to a personal item. We are all aware of our phone but also consider your glasses. Coronavirus can live on hard surfaces for up to three days, this is why it is so important to clean your personal items regularly so that you can protect yourself from transferring germs onto items like your phone or glasses.

#3 Checking Out

When you are purchasing something consider all the people before you. Maybe use your own stylus or pen with the ink retracted to punch the bottoms. If it something you need to touch, wash or at a minimum sanitize your hands after. Don’t forget to NOT touch your eyes, nose or mouth before having a chance to wash, or apply an alcohol-based hand sanitizer, so you prevent catching a virus.

#4 Banking

Keep in mind that at the drive-up bank, ATM, or the spray wash for your car, pressing the buttons will expose you to many germs. Consider wearing a glove or using a pen and at minimum keep a bottle of hand sanitizer inside your pocket or in your car. This way you can clean your hands once you are done.

#5 Door Handles and Railings

They are everywhere. Think of all the dirty hands before you. There are plenty of viral particles on door handles and railings, which then get transferred to the next person. If you need to use the rail or handle, keep a pair of gloves on hand for when you need them. If hot, you may not want to wear gloves so carry some hand sanitizer with you. After you have used the hand sanitizer remember to wash with soap as soon as you can to really clean your hands.

#6 Public Transit

This may be the hardest area to avoid germs. Busses, subways, taxies etc. To prevent contacting COVID 19 in these areas its best to wear your mask and avoid touching surfaces. That bottle of sanitizer in your pocket will help disinfect your hands after grabbing the door handle or seat back on the subway. You can also consider opening doors with your sleeve, gloves, tissue, or paper towels.

#7 Sharing drinks

Even if it’s your best friend, sharing food or drinks puts you at risk. It will put you at risk because they may have COVID-19 and not know it. Your friend could be asymptomatic, and you could be putting yourself at unnecessary risk so it is best to keep your food and drink to yourself.

#8 Working Out

When people are running or working-out, they are breathing harder and this can cause a more rapid spread if they were to have COVID. If you are to close you will increase the risk of intaking droplets in the air. Make sure to walk, run or work out when or where there are less people around. This may require changing the time you do your outdoor workout or where.

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14 thoughts on “8 Ways To Catch Covid-19 Outside”

  1. Or maybe start to build up antibodies in everyone! We have it in us to do that. We can’t keep destroying all germs, because, 1. They are always out there, and 2. Our bodies need them to build up protection. We don’t need alot of scare tactics nor to have our freedoms taken away, and to be thrown in jail. All of this will pass!

  2. Not many people would think twice if their doctor told them their tonsils had to come out. To most it would be an easy decision. OK! there’s a 1% chance of dying from the procedure and it goes higher taking into account complications following the surgery! We are approaching the same death rate as the annual flu of approx. .1% and we don’t close our economy and put perhaps up to one third of all small businesses out of business! I’m sure most of us are seeing the empty storefronts and the boarded up stores and the out of business signs and I’m sure we all know many, many businesses that will never reopen. They provide about 49% of all jobs in America. What a sin!

  3. I’m in New Jersey. Our exalted Governor is keeping restaurants closed despite the fact we had the 3rd highest number of cases and deaths but are now almost at 0 deaths per day!. We saw a slight uptick in R0 from .86 to 1.03 and he immediately announced he was pushing the openings out further. Did he actually think cases would decline as we opened??!! Idiotic! We are now less than 30 deaths per day of over 9 million residents and myself and 9 million others are being kept at bay and are still having our constitutional and civil rights violated. I don’t care about anybody’s politics. This is just wrong and it’s playing politics while continuing to put more small businesses out of business every day. That is many people’s entire lives, life savings, and only means of putting food on the table. I’m 6 miles outside of NYC and we still live in a ghost town!

  4. Unless you die or someone you love dies because you passed it to them unknowingly. Or unless you or someone you love gets so sick, that they must go to the hospital for months. I am not willing to take that chance.

  5. Except everyone doesn’t have the immune system capable of keeping the virus down to a small roar in their bodies… So… this is we do things to reduce exposure! God common sense reminders. Thanks.


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