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The Best Running Shoes For Men And Women

    Running is one of the healthiest hobbies for people of any age, and it has special benefits for us as we get older. It keeps our muscles strong, sharpens our minds, and increases our cardiovascular health. Like life, running is more about the journey than the destination. With that in mind, choosing a well-made pair of running shoes will make the journey a lot easier on your feet. Here are some of the best shoes for recreational runners. You can click on each shoe for more information and choices.

    The Best Running Shoes for Men and Women

    1. Asics GT-2000 8

    With extra padding and an open forefront, these shoes will keep you comfortable as you run. They are especially good for people who have problems with overpronating and for long-distance runners.

    2. New Balance Fresh Foam Lazr 2 HypoKnit

    These shoes are great for people who run shorter distances at a brisker pace. The stretchy HypoSkin material will mold to your foot, giving you flexibility and comfort, while the hexagonal sole grips the surface as you run.

    Brooks Womens Launch 6

    3. Brooks Launch 6

    If you are committed to running regularly, these are great shoes for you. Their mesh uppers are lightweight and breathable, making them easy to wear for daily runs. Plus, they have plenty of arch support and midsole cushioning.

    4. New Balance FuelCell 5280

    One of New Balance’s newest and most technologically developed models, the FuelCell 5280 is great for track work and short runs. The soft foam used in its constructions gives you shock absorption without compromising your pace. Meanwhile, the shape of the midsole protects the outer edges of your foot from impact. One of this shoe’s best-selling points is its use of carbon fiber plate, which allows your foot to move side to side while creating a lever to amplify your power.

    5. Saucony Guide 13

    If you are a recreational runner, this is a shoe that will make you want to stick to your routine. It has lots of comfy cushioning, especially at the collar around the ankle. With a stylish, athletic look, this shoe will also make you look great as you do laps around the neighborhood.

    6. ASICS Gel-Fujitrabuco 8 G-TX GORE-TEX

    The excellent grip and shock-absorbing features of these shoes make them a top pick for people who run frequently and for long distances. Plus, the fact that they have a waterproof upper will come in handy if you enjoy running outside.

    7. Adidas Ultraboost 19

    Your comfort is the number one priority for this shoe. Runners love its non-slip mesh interior and secure fit. Plus, the Boost foam Adidas added to the interior provides extra cushioning for your feet.

    Choose Great Shoes for Healthy Running

    Taking up running as a hobby is a positive commitment to your health, and you can reward your feet by gearing up with the best shoes. Before you buy, consider the type of running you do and look for features that support it. A great pair of shoes will give you the right incentive to put in the miles and enjoy more of the benefits. Happy running!