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Best Treadmill of 2020: Our Top 4 Picks

    From saving money on a gym membership to having the convenience to work out at your leisure, the best treadmills have a wide variety of benefits. Before you make that purchase, find out about the best options available on the market. You can click on each treadmill to take you to more details.

    The Best Treadmill of 2020: Our Top 4 Picks

    1. ProForm

    ProForm Pro-9000

    If money isn’t an issue for you, this treadmill is sure to impress. The Pro-9000 model is iFit enabled and has a 10″ display touchscreen screen with 38 different workout apps that can assist you. You can even use Google Maps and envision yourself running through another environment. This pick goes up to 12 mph for even an intense run and has up to a 15% incline.

    ProForm 2000

    This model has many of the benefits of the Pro-9000 at a lower cost. The ProForm 2000 has speeds up to 12 mph and the same 15% incline ability as the Pro-9000. It does have a 3.5 CHP motor as opposed to the 4.5 of the Pro-9000 and has a smaller 7″ display screen.

    2. NordicTrack

    NordicTrack Commercial 2450

    If you have the money to spend, this treadmill will bring the gym to you. With a 14″ HD touchscreen, this treadmill comes with one year of iFit so you can be guided by trainers through your workout. The motor is an impressive 4.0 CHP that can handle your workouts, and it even has the ability to automatically increase your decline from 3% to 15%.

    NordicTrack T Series

    This treadmill is similar to the Commercial 2450 without breaking the bank. This model reaches 12 mph and comes with one year of iFit. It has a reduced screen size of 7″ and can accommodate up to a 12% incline.

    3. Precor

    Precor 425 Precision Series

    This treadmill accommodates a -2% decline to a 15% incline and speeds up to 12 mph. It is gym quality and has a 5″ high contrast display screen with 9 workouts programmed in.

    Precor 211 Energy Series

    Though still pricey, this model comes at a much lower price than the 425 without compromising quality. This model also goes up to 12 mph and has 0% to 15% incline ability. The screen is a blue and white LCD instead of full-color, high contrast, and it comes with 6 pre-programmed workouts.

    4. Life Fitness

    Life Fitness T5TC-XX00-0104 T5

    This treadmill comes with three firmness settings, Bluetooth capabilities, a wide 22″ belt, and speeds up to 12 mph. It also comes with programs built-in, two cup holders, and has 0.5″ increments of incline for resistance.

    Life Fitness T3TC-XX00-0104 T3

    This model does not give up quality, though it does save you money. It also has two cup holders, up to 12 mph speeds, and Bluetooth capabilities as well as 0.5″ preset increments of incline. It is a more economical model that still has all the features you need.


    No matter which treadmill you ultimately decide on, the goal is to accommodate your desired workout level as well as your budget. Every treadmill choice is a great investment in your own health and is sure to save you money in gym memberships in the long run.