Debilitating Foot Pain Be Gone

Have you ever suffered from debilitating foot pain or what they call Plantar Fasciitis? The kind of pain that when you roll out of bed and go to stand up it about drops you to your knees. Well I have and it stinks… I’m here to tell you that you can find some relief without breaking the bank.

Let me tell you where it all started. I began to notice a soreness in my arch but mostly where the heel goes into the arch and a tightness in my calf muscles towards the end of my Alaska vacation. I had been doing a lot of walking and hiking and was not always wearing the right foot wear. Of course, I pushed on and the pain would lessen as all the muscles loosened up but then would be right back in full force the next morning. After I got back from vacation, I started doing some research to see what was going on and discovered I more than likely had Plantar Fasciitis.

At first for about $45 I went to this great deep tissue massage/muscle mechanics guy that I know and went thru an excruciatingly painful “massage” on my calf muscles and the “very painful” scrapping of the fascia along the arch of my foot. He then taped up my foot and recommended various stretches and techniques to lessen the pain such as rolling the base of the heel/arch with a frozen golf ball, not walking in bare feet, and not wearing super flexible soled shoes, etc. I did all of these and they did help but I needed something that would keep the pain in check.

If you suffer from this condition, they recommend that you do not walk around in bare feet at all and that you always have some type of arch support. There are many different products to help correct this problem. They range in price from super expensive, The Good Feet Store or prescribed custom orthotics from your doctor, to very cheap everyday insoles that you can find at any drug store or Walmart.

I decided to go to the Good Feet Store first since I had heard a lot of good things about them. After I went thru the whole process and found out the cost would be, right around $1,300 I set out to find a more reasonable option.  I decided to try out a pair of insoles before I went and spent thousands. The first insole I purchased was from your everyday drugstore and I wasn’t impressed with it so I started doing some research on line. Man was there a ton of options!

The one I have had the most success with and use every day is Heel Seats by Heel That Pain. They are flexible, low profile and fit into almost any shoe, or slipper, which is awesome. With these I can go all day with little to no pain. The other support I have had success with is Superfeet Green Insoles. I use them in my workout shoes and they give great support. I have found with a little daily stretching and constant wearing of an insole I have managed to be pain free most of the time.

I have never used a night splint but have heard that for really severe cases of Plantar Fasciitis they work.  It might be worth a shot to give the Baycheer Night Splint a try.  In the summer I love wearing flip flops so I have recently started researching what pairs are best for Plantar Fasciitis. I am going to give the Llsoarss Plantar Fasciitis Feet Sandal and the Aerothotic Original Comfort Thong I found on Amazon a try as they will offer the same type of support the insoles do. Also, for men I here that the Irsoe Plantar Fasciitis Sandal is a good choice. Without breaking the bank and with a little attention and the proper foot wear I am confident you too can control your Plantar Fasciitis and live without foot pain.

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